Neighborhood Station Tours

The purpose of Neighborhood Station Tours is to introduce the public to the Professional Fire Service: fire house, education, apparatus, gear, and shift schedule.

  • The location of these tours will be determined by the nearest station to the requesting group.
  • Tour groups can expect an approximate 30-Minute tour of the fire station.
  • Tours are given by the firefighters on duty.
  • Unfortunately, birthday party tours are not available.
  • Must be an established City of Roseville program/organization (ie: boy scouts, girl scouts, school club).
  • If requestor is a school, the grade must be Kindergarten.
  • 10 people minimum, 25 people maximum.
  • Must be over the age of 3.
  • Station Tours must be scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.

To schedule a tour, contact Tiffany Tate at (916) 774-5826 or use the online form, linked below.

Request a Fire Station Tour

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