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Juvenile Firesetters Program

What is the Roseville Juvenile Firesetter Program?
The Roseville Fire Department is a member of the Sacramento Area Juvenile Firesetter Coalition. This coalition is a regional program dedicated to a cohesive partnership among community agencies to reduce the number of fire injuries and deaths by providing assistance to the children who exhibit firesetting behavior. Members of this coalition include Sacramento Metro Fire Department, Sacramento City Fire Department, Folsom Fire Department, Rocklin Fire Department, Placer Consolidated Fire District and the Roseville Fire Department.

Firesetter Academies
The Sacramento Area Juvenile Firesetter Coalition hosts four academies throughout the year. Juveniles who meet the requirements established through an assessment process are placed into this three evening, seven hour educational academy. Parents are also required to attend the academy with their children.

Program Goals:
  • Identify juvenile firesetters
  • Assess the juvenile firesetter needs
  • Provide life skills training and education
  • Provide referrals to family counseling
  • Evaluate firesetter/program progress

"Stop Children from Setting Fires"

Program Objectives:
  • Public Awareness
  • Accurate screening and evaluation
  • Develop and maintain a broad and efficient referral system
  • Education and training
  • Diversion
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Safety Watch Dog
"Safety Watch Dog" Coloring Book

More Resources:

For more information about the program, visit the Firefighters Burn Institute Youth Firesetters Program.

If your child exhibits firesetting behavior and/or you would like additional information on the Roseville Youth Firesetters Program contact:

Rob Arnett
Senior Fire Inspector

Emily Richter
Fire and Environmental Safety Inspector