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Applications & Permits

Downtown Specific Plan Area Requirements

One of the goals of the Downtown Specific Plan (DTSP) is to encourage development and redevelopment of the Downtown area. As an incentive, the required processes for many applications have been streamlined for the Downtown. Information about these applications and their submittal requirements can be found in the following brochures.

Building Additions and New Construction
Façade Improvements
Pedestrian Zone Improvements
Pre-Design Projects (Catalyst Sites)
Residential to Commercial Conversion

Applications for Design Review Permits, Major Project Permits, Tentative Subdivision Maps and Grading Plans must include a Preliminary Stormwater Quality Compliance Form.

Applications for General Plan and Specific Plan Amendments, Development Agreements or Rezoning must meet the submittal requirements for
Digital File Formats.

The Universal Application is used for all Planning permits except the Sign Permit, Promotional/Temporary Banners and zoning clearances like the Home Occupation Clearance and the Water Efficient Landscape plan check.

Planning Fee Schedule - Effective July 1, 2013

Also effective July 1, 2013, all permits are subject to an added 3 percent Technology Fee pursuant to Ordinance #5014.

Design Review Permits

Land Use/Zoning



Sign Applications

Tree Permits

You may email the Planning Department at:

Permits from other departments.

An Encroachment Permit is required whenever work is proposed within existing city rights-of-way or easements. Examples of work requiring an encroachment permit include placement of temporary structures, digging, placement of poles or posts, and replacement of curbs, gutters or driveways. Encroachment permits are issued by the Engineering Division, 311 Vernon Street, 774-5339.

A Grading Permit is required:

  • When the amount of material to be moved (cut or fill) exceeds 50 cubic yards.
  • When the proposed elevation will be raised or lowered more than two feet from the original grade.
  • If the existing drainage patterns will be altered as a result of the proposed work.
  • If the proposed grading is within the 100-year floodplain.

Grading permits are issued by the Engineering Division, 774-5339, and require a set of plans to be submitted for review. Building Permits are obtained from the Building Division located at 311 Vernon Street. Call (916) 774-5332 for additional information.