InspectionAt least one inspection is mandatory for any project that requires a building permit. It is the duty of the person performing the work to schedule required inspections. 

Typical Inspection Types

Footing/Foundation:  Trenches should be dug out and clean, with the concrete forms and reinforcing steel in place. Seismic hardware should be in place on the form.
Pre-Slab or under floor inspection:  All in slab or under floor conduit, pipe and equipment should be in place, along with any required gravel, sand and plastic sheeting. On raised foundation houses, the floor joists or floor trusses should be in place, but no floor sheathing should be installed at this time.
Shear and roof nail inspection: All engineered shear panels need to be in place and nailed off according to the nail schedule.  The roof sheathing should be in place and nailed off.
Frame Inspection: At this stage all the rough systems should be in place--electrical, mechanical and plumbing with the water, gas and waste lines being on test. The tubs and shower pans should be in place and on test.  The tubs or showers on an outside wall should have insulation behind them. The roof should be loaded, with all roof jacks in place.  Windows and exterior doors should be installed. The lath or siding should be on and all penetrations should be sealed.  All framing should be complete with all fire blocks and draft stops in place.
Insulation: All insulation should be in place and all window and doors should be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. All sill plates should be sealed to the footing, as well as all inside corners.
Drywall Nail: All drywall is installed and nailed or screwed off properly.
Final Inspection: This is the final check to make sure the structure is ready for occupancy or use.  All systems should be up and running, all fixtures installed and appliances in place, outdoor fencing and grading complete, house numbers on and debris removed.

Inspection Resources

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