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Plan Check

Plan review is required in order to demonstrate compliance of drawings and specifications with codes and local ordinances.  

Expedited Plan Check Process
 - We continue to offer expedited plan check for tenant improvements. Applicants who have submitted plans to the Building Division for plan review may request an expedited review. But hurry, this offer is based on availability and is first come, first served.

Third Party Plan Review Process - Third Party Plan Review allows applicants to work directly with a consultant during the design stages of their project, and as code issues arise, revise and resubmit plans until they are complete and ready for approval.  

New Simple Tenant Improvement Process - The City now offers a simplified plan review process for projects that qualify. Minor changes to a retail, office or similar space may be eligible for review with a 24 hour time frame.

Prequalified Architectural Submittal System (PASS) - The PASS program has been designed to streamline tenant improvement permitting throughout the Sacramento region. It provides a more efficient and effective plan review process by implementing a clear and concise set of standards for document content and organization for registered users.

Plan checkTime frames

Plan review typically takes approximately 3 weeks for first review, and 2 weeks for subsequent reviews.

Permits can usually be issued over the counter for re-roofs, heating and air conditioning replacements, replacement of water lines, gas lines, water heaters, addition to existing electrical system and electrical service upgrades.

To access more information on code and submittal requirements related to your project, please select one of the following options.

Commercial Projects

Residential Projects

Preparing Plans 

Plans, drawings, and specifications may be made by a non-licensed person for the following project types only. Please note that the person preparing the plans must be qualified for the design work. If, in the opinion of the Building Official, the person preparing the plans is not qualified to prepare the plans, then the Building Official may require that a licensed architect or registered engineer do the design work.  


  • Single family dwellings of wood frame construction, not more than two stories and basement in height. 
  • Multiple dwellings containing not more than four dwelling units of wood frame construction, not more than two stories and basement in height.
  • Garages or other structures appurtenant to dwellings of wood frame construction, not more than two stories in height.  


  • Non-structural walls or repair work in existing tenant spaces.
  • Minor alterations to plumbing, electrical or mechanical systems.
  • Non-structural store fronts.
  • Proprietary suspended ceilings.

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