Complaint Form

Abandoned Vehicle Hotline. To report an abandoned/stored vehicle that has been parked on the public street for more than 72 hours or an unsightly vehicle on private property, please submit an Abandoned Vehicle complaint form, or call the Roseville Police Department's Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at (916) 746-1022.

Animal Control. To report problems with animals, please call the Roseville Police Department’s Animal Control at (916) 774-5090.

Noise Complaints or other non-emergencies. To report noise complaints and other non-emergency crimes or any other problems requiring assistance (24 hours a day), please call the Roseville Police Department’s Non-Emergency Dispatch Center at (916) 774-5000 and press "1" on the auto attendant.

Water Waste. To report water waste, please submit a Water Waste complaint form, or call the Roseville Environmental Utilities Department at (916) 774-5761.

Graffiti. To report graffiti, please call the Roseville Police Department's Graffiti Hotline at (916) 746-1021.

Air Pollution. To report an air pollution complaint, please call the Placer County Air Pollution Control District at (530) 745-2330.

Standing Water (West Nile or Mosquito). To report standing water or an unmaintained swimming pool or pond (West Nile or mosquito), please call the Placer County Mosquito and Vector Control District at (916) 380-5444.

All other complaints. To report all other complaints, including public nuisances (trash, debris, garbage, rubbish, etc.), please fill out the Code Enforcement Complaint Form below:  
Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Location/Nature of Complaint

If you have a picture of the violation, you may email it to The image file must be 3MB or less and have an extension of .jpg, .jpeg or .png. 

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