Post Development Run-off Control

The City has adopted stormwater quality design standards for source control, run-off reduction control, and treatment control as part of the City’s post-construction element of the Stormwater Management Program. These stormwater control designs shall be incorporated into the project’s application for entitlement and will ultimately need to be approved via the project’s improvement plans.

The Post-construction design standards are detailed in the Sacramento Partnership Stormwater Quality Design Manual that has been adopted by the City.

You can also purchase a copy of the Design Manual at the City’s Permit Center, located on the first floor of the Civic Center Building, 311 Vernon Street.

Development Submittal Process

Stormwater quality design and documentation will start when the project’s application for entitlement is submitted to the City’s Planning Department. The applicant will be required to complete a Preliminary Stormwater Quality Compliance Form as part of their application package to Planning.

The City’s Public Works Department requires information be provided on the project’s stormwater quality design with improvement plan submittal. In an effort to help applicants provide all the required information, a check-list has been created. Here is a quick-link to the Check-List for Stormwater Management Design Plan Submittals.

Applicants may consider using, as part of their design, one of the many stormwater proprietary treatment devices available on the market today. The stormwater treatment devices listed on the City’s Stormwater Quality Proprietary Device Options List are allowed for use within the City of Roseville.

Applicants are also encouraged to explore Low Impact Development (LID) strategies when designing their project. The use of LID practices in construction projects may lower costs while improving environmental results. A report by the EPA provides information on the cost savings and benefits that can be achieved by implementing LID practices versus conventional stormwater practices. For more information about LID and to access this report, visit:

For questions concerning the post-construction stormwater quality design standards, contact the Development Services - Engineering Land Development Division at (916) 774-5339.

Development Services - Engineering Land Development
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, Ca 95678
916)774-5220 TDD

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