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Applications, Forms & Permits

The Universal Application form is required for all Planning Division permits except the Sign Permit, Promotional/Temporary Banners and zoning clearances like the Home Occupation Clearance and the Water Efficient Landscape plan check.

Administrative Permit
Administrative Tree Permit
Administrative Tree Permit Summary
Administrative Variance
Commercial Plaza Event
Conditional Use Permit
Condominium Conversion
Design Review for Residential Subd
Design Review Permit
Design Review Permit Modification
Development Agreement
Easement Abandonment
Farmers Market

Flood Encroachment Permit
Full-Cost Billing Agreement
General Plan Amendment
Grading Plan
Home Occupation Clearance
Lot Line Adjustment/Voluntary Merger
Major Project Permit
Map Extension
Minor Design Review Permit
Noise Ordinance Exception
Parking Study Form
Permit Extension
Planned Development
Planned Sign Permit Program

Reasonable Accommodation
Rezone/Ordinance Amendment
Second Dwelling Unit
Sign Exception
Sign Permit
Specific Plan Amendment
Sphere of Influence Amendment
Statement of Design Intent
Telecommunication Facilities
Tentative Parcel Map
Tentative Subdivision Map
Tree Permit

Applications for General Plan and Specific Plan Amendments, Development Agreements or Rezoning must meet the submittal requirements for Digital File Formats.

Applications for Design Review Permits, Major Project Permits, Tentative Maps and Grading Plans must include a
Preliminary Stormwater Quality Compliance Form.

Other Information

Universal Application

Planning Fee Schedule - Effective July 1, 2013 Also effective July 1, 2013, all permits are subject to an added 3 percent Technology Fee pursuant to Ord. #5014.

Commercial and Industrial Fee Booklet - Revised July 2012

Residential Fee Booklet - Revised July 2012

Resubmittal Form

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