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Tree Permits

Tree Permit - Native oak trees in the City of Roseville are protected by City's Tree Preservation Ordinance (Roseville Municipal Code Chapter 19.66).  Occupied single family and two-family (duplex) lots with an existing residence are exempt from these regulations.  Tree permit requests require one public hearing before the Planning Commission (or Design Committee if the tree is associated with a Design Review Permit). Processing time is normally 8-12 weeks.

Administrative Tree Permits require administrative approval by the Planning Manager.  Administrative Tree Permits only apply to encroachments into the protected zone of native oak trees of 20 percent or less on projects not associated with any discretionary approval.  Administrative Tree Permits may be approved on the same day they are submitted; however, it is dependent upon the number of similar requests before the City.

Removal of Native Oak Trees must be mitigated by planting of new trees or by payment of an in-lieu fee according to Resolution #03-546.   Property owners/developers are also required to furnish a bond for the retention and preservation of trees during site development.  For more information about this bonding requirement, please contact the Planning Division at 916-774-5276.

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