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Fiddyment Ranch Specific Plan Amendment 3

This project was approved by the City Council on April 16, 2014.


Project Address: 3000 Hayden Parkway, West Roseville Specific Plan Area

Project #: 2009PL-130 (SPA-000049, GPA-000068, RZ-000063, SUB-000171, DA-000053)

Applicant: Steve Hicks, Signature Management Company, (916) 789-2421 or

Property Owner: Steve Miller, ATC Realty One LLC

Project Planner: Ron Miller, Associate Planner, City of Roseville, (916)774-5276 or

On January 22, 2013, Signature Management Company, on behalf of ATC Realty One, submitted an application for the Fiddyment Ranch Specific Plan Amendment 3 Project. The applicant requests approval of a Specific Plan Amendment (SPA), General Plan Amendment (GPA), Rezone (RZ), Tentative Subdivision Map (SUB), and Development Agreement Amendment (DAA) with would allow for the addition of 1,661 additional units within the Fiddyment Ranch portion of the WRSP.

Of the additional 1,661 units, 586 units are proposed as low density residential (LDR), 609 units are proposed as medium density residential (MDR), and 472 units as high density residential (HDR). The additional units will be located within the Phase 2 and 3 portion of the project area, north of Blue Oaks Boulevard and west of Fiddyment Road.

The revised land use plan will not change the footprint of the West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP); but would redistribute certain land uses (LDR, LDR [Pocket Parks], MDR and HDR, CC, P/R, OS, P/QP, and Right-of-Way) within the project area.

The project is currently under review by City staff. Please check back to this webpage for periodic updates on the project and future meeting dates and times.

The City Council on January 16, 2013, approved a Professional Services Agreement for Environmental Consultant and Funding Agreement for a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the WRSP Fiddyment Ranch Phases 2 & 3 Specific Plan Amendment.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments prior to and may testify at the public meeting(s). Written comments may be submitted to Ron Miller, Planning Division, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678, or via email at

Final Environmental Impact Report - April 2014
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Appendix F Cover and Table of Contents

Notice of Availability of a Partial 2nd Recirculation Draft SElR - Feb. 10, 2014
Chapter 1 - Partial 2nd Recirculation Chapter 2 - Partial 2nd Recirculation
Chapter 7 - Partial 2nd Recirculation Chapter 11 - Partial 2nd Recirculation
Appendix - Partial 2nd Recirculation Cover and Table of Contents - Partial 2nd Recirculation

Notice of Availability of Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Availability and Scoping Meeting - May 2, 2013

Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report - Nov. 6, 2013

DSEIR Cover and Table of Contents
01 Introduction 08 Climate Change
02 Executive Summary 09 Utilities
03 Project Description 10 Public Services
04 Land Use 11 Cumulative Impacts
05 Transportation & Circulation 12 CEQA Considerations
06 Noise 13 Planning Considerations
07 Air Quality 14 EIR Preparers & References


A1 - 2013 NOP and IS C1 - Noise Assessment 2011
A2 - 2013 Scoping Comments C2 - Review of Updated Volumes 2013
A3 - 2011 DEIR Comments D - CalEEMod Outputs
A4 - 2010 NOP Comments E1 - WSA
B1 - 2011 Traffic Analysis E2 - Water Conservation
B2 - FRSPA3 Revised Project Memo E3 - RBI Study
B2 - Revised Project Appendices 3 E4 - Applicable WFA EIR MMs
B3 - 2025 CIP Appendix 3 E5 - Sewer Study
B3 - FRSPA3 2025 CIP memo E6 - WWTP MMs
B4 - State Highways E7 - Recycled Water

Notice of Preparation - May 1, 2013

Initial Study - May 1, 2013

Fiddyment SPA 3 Documents

Current Approved Villages & Specific Plan for Fiddyment Ranch - March 18, 2010

Specific Plan Amendment Exhibit - January 23, 2013

General Plan Amendment Exhibit - January 23, 2013

Rezone Exhibit - January 23, 2013

Tentative Subdivision Map - January 23, 2013

Phasing Plan - January 23, 2013

WRSP Specific Plan Change Pages

WRSP Land Use Table 4-2 Redline

Additional Questions

Why are more units being requested?
The proposed LDR and MDR units are requested to “backfill” LDR parcels from which units were previously transferred to other HDR parcels. Those previous unit transfers were necessary to achieve minimum densities of 20 units per acre, which is the minimum density necessary to be counted toward fulfilling the City’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). Those unit transfers resulted in many low density parcels becoming even lower density (i.e., 2 units per acre), and infeasible to develop. The proposed LDR unit increase would raise the densities of these LDR parcels to 4.9 units per acre, while the MDR parcels would have a density of 10.9 units per acre.

Why are more high density units needed in the plan area?
The City is supportive of additional HDR units to ensure compliance with our Housing Element. The attached RHNA document was created to explain the purpose of the Housing Element and the Regional Housing Needs Assessment. This FAQ sheet explains the importance of the City being incompliance with State Law.

Will environmental review be required as part of this project?
Yes, all projects are subject to environmental review.

A Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) is being prepared to address any potential impacts this project may have on the environment. The SEIR will tier from the EIR that was prepared in 2004 for the West Roseville Specific Plan. City Council, on January 16, 2013, approved a Professional Services Agreement to contract with Dudek (formerly North Fork Associates) to prepare the SEIR.

A Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the SEIR was circulated for public review between August 30 and September 30, 2010. As documented in the detailed Initial Study circulated with the NOP, it is expected that the proposed project may increase environmental impacts (compared to those evaluated in the 2004 WRSP EIR) in the following six environmental resource areas: Land Use and Planning, Transportation/Traffic, Noise, Air Quality, Climate Change, Public Utilities, and Public Services.

How will the environmental impacts of the project be determined?
The environmental effects of the proposed project will be evaluated by comparing the project effects to the existing conditions (also referred to as the baseline conditions) in the project area.

How can I learn more about this project?
City staff will work with the applicant to schedule various public meetings to present this project to the public. Meeting dates have not yet been established as City staff is still completing initial review of the project. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list to receive notices about future meetings, please send an email to