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HP Land Sale

The following information is provided by the City of Roseville regarding the Hewlett Packard Roseville Campus Master Plan.

  • The City of Roseville remains committed to the vision of the existing Master Plan.
  • The vision of the Master Plan is that a major employer will locate on the campus or the campus will be a major employment center.
  • The City will consider changing land uses if it facilitates locating a major employer or employment center on the campus.
  • Any proposal to amend the existing zoning and land use, the Master Plan, or the Development Agreement should be comprehensive and may involve all landowners.

Land Use and Zoning – Light Industrial (LI) and Light Industrial Special Area (M1-SA)

The Special Area designation denotes a modified list of principally and conditionally permitted uses and other development policies contained in the Master Plan document. Projects proposed within the Master Plan area will be evaluated for consistency with the provisions of the Master Plan in the following areas:

Land Use and Zoning
Master Plan Components
Intensity Thresholds

Design Guidelines and Development Standards
EIR Mitigation Measures
Development Agreement Provisions
Infrastructure Components and Sequencing

Circulation – Connections from the internal private roadways (Arterial A or Collector A or B) to the existing public arterials, Foothills Blvd., Blue Oaks Blvd. or Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. will trigger roadway and signal improvements as identified in the Master Plan and Development Agreement. In addition, issuance of a building permit for a building within 300 feet of a public arterial will trigger roadway/frontage improvements along the affected roadway.

Water – Water service to the campus is/will be provided by 24 inch lines located in Foothills, Blue Oaks and Woodcreek Oaks. Future internal lines will include a 12 inch line in Collector A, a 16 inch line in Collector B, and a 12 inch line in Arterial A west of Collector B. A groundwater well site is reserved on the west edge of the plan south of Arterial A.

Wastewater – Wastewater service is provided by a 15 inch line in the southern part of the campus. This line connects to a 21 inch line and lift station just south of the campus. Most of the plan will be served by a future 12 inch line along Blue Oaks and a 42/36 inch line along Woodcreek Oaks on the west edge of the plan.

Recycled water – Recycled water is available at the lift station south of the plan. Opportunities for use of recycled water in the plan area for irrigation of landscaping should be considered for the undeveloped areas.

Solid Waste – Current service is provided by a private company. The City will make municipal solid waste service available to all or a portion of the plan area should it be desired.

Electricity – Future development will be served through an expansion of the existing power distribution network within the campus. Development within 300 feet of Blue Oaks will be served by an extension of underground facilities along Blue Oaks. Development within the remainder of the plan area will be evaluated by Roseville Electric for existing system infrastructure and capacity.

Gas – A natural gas transmission pipeline bisects the plan area. PG&E will provide gas service upon request.

Drainage – Development proposals must include master drainage plans that address the size and location of drainage improvements and the Northern and Southern Detention Basins.

Development Guidelines - The Master Plan identifies the North Roseville Area Design Guidelines and the Community Design Guidelines as the documents against which development proposals will be evaluated. In addition, the Master Plan provides guidance for street section design and setback treatment.


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