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NCRSP Parcel 49 - Hotels

The Planning Division is currently processing an application to modify the NCRSP PCL 49 Bayside Church/Topgolf master plan, approve the architecture and landscaping on Parcel 3 & 5, and adjust lot lines. The project, referred to as NCRSP PCL 49 Hotels, is as follows:

The applicant requests approval of a Major Project Permit (MPP) Stage 1 Modification to modify the uses on the parcels formally referred to as Parcel 3, 4 and 5 of the NCRSP PCL 49 Bayside Church/Topgolf development.  This modification would replace a 125 room hotel, three retail buildings and one office building with a 104 room hotel and a 107 room hotel. This modification will result in a reduction of 17,600 square feet of retail uses and 7,500 square feet of office uses and an increase of 86 hotel rooms for NCRSP Parcel 49. An MPP Stage 2 to review project architecture and landscaping is also requested for the hotels on Parcel 3 (Home2Suites) and Parcel 4 (Residence Inn).  A Lot Line Adjustment is necessary to adjust the lot lines and easement boundaries on Parcels 1, 3, 4 and 5 to accommodate the proposed project.

This item will be heard at the October 27, 2016 Planning Commission hearing. The copy of the staff report and project plans are available online at

Please direct questions or comments to the Project Planner, Gina McColl:

City of Roseville
Development Services – Planning Division
Attn: Gina McColl
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 774-5452 or

Project Title/Name: NCRSP PCL 49 Hotels; File #PL16-0168

Project Address: 9000 Washington Bl

Owner: John Stewart, BSO, LLC

Applicant: Don Cape, Tharaldson Investments

Current Zoning: PD/SA-NC & M1/SA-NC

Project Planner: Gina McColl, Associate Planner

Environmental Determination: Consistent with CEQA Guidelines Section 15164, regarding previously certified and adopted negative declarations, an Addendum to the NCRSP PCL 49 Bayside Church/Topgolf Mitigated Negative Declaration (adopted February 26, 2015) will be prepared to cover the minor technical changes and additions necessary to describe the proposed Project. The Planning Commission will consider the Addendum prior to taking action on the project.

The Planning Commission approved a Major Project Permit for Top Golf and Bayside Church on this property on February 26, 2015.
Project Name: 
NCRSP PCL 49 Bayside Church/Top Golf
Project Address:  9000 Washington Bl; southeast corner of Washington Boulevard & Blue Oaks Boulevard
Project #:  PL14-0252
Applicant/Property Owner:  Bayside Church, John Stewart; (916) 791-1244 or
Project Planner:  Gina McColl, Associate Planner, City of Roseville, (916) 774-5452 or

Project Description:
The applicant requests approval of a Major Project Permit (MPP) Stage 1 to develop the approximately 59 acre site with a 387,632 square foot mixed use development.  The development will feature a 64,232 square foot indoor and outdoor recreational golf facility (Top Golf), 130,000 square feet of community assembly use (Bayside Church), 116,500 square feet of office space, a 125 room hotel, 11,200 square feet of restaurant space, and 37,800 square feet of retail space.  The project will include frontage improvements along Washington Boulevard and re-alignment of the bike trail along the southern property line, as well as on-site parking, landscaping, plaza spaces, lighting, and pedestrian paths.  The application includes a MPP Stage 2 for the architecture and landscaping of the Top Golf parcel.  A Conditional Use Permit is required to allow the outdoor recreation component of Top Golf.  The applicant also requests approval of a Tentative Subdivision Map to divide the 59 acre site into nine parcels and the dedication of approximately 0.64 acres for a public roadway at the intersection of Washington Boulevard.