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General Plan & Development Guidelines

Development of the Roseville community is based on guidelines outlined in the planning documents described below. Additional planning documents are available through the Citywide Planning Documents, Development Agreements and Specific Plan links located on the left. Printed copies are also available for purchase at the Permit Center located at 311 Vernon St. 

General Plan 2035

The General Plan serves as a long-term policy guide for physical, economic, and environmental growth. It is­ a statement of the community's vision of its ultimate physical growth. State law requires that every county and city prepare and adopt a comprehensive long-range plan to serve as a guide for the development of the community. City actions, such as those relating to land use allocations, annexations, zoning, subdivision and design review, redevelopment, and capital improvements must be consistent with the General Plan. The General Plan also designates land use categories for the entire city. Each land use category is identified and defined within the General Plan and includes information on the general uses, development, intensity, siting and compatibility standards.

General Plan 2035 was adopted by the City Council on June 15, 2016, in conjunction with adoption of the Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan.  The certified Environmental Impact Report for both is here.

General Plan Maps

Specific Plan
A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning document that guides the development of a defined geographic area in a mix of uses including residential, commercial, industrial, schools, parks and open space. Specific Plans typically include more detailed information than the General Plan about land use, traffic circulation, affordable housing programs, resource management strategies, development standards and a comprehensive infrastructure plan. Roseville has thirteen Specific Plan areas including Del Webb, North, Highland Reserve North, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Stoneridge, West, Riverside Gateway, Downtown, Sierra Vista and Creekview.  All of these Specific Plans have been adopted by the City Council after extensive review by city staff, commissions and the public. Specific Plans contain detailed regulations, conditions, programs and design criteria unique to that area and serve to implement the General Plan.

Zoning Ordinance
The Zoning Ordinance is adopted as Title 19 of the Roseville Municipal Code. The Zoning Ordinance implements the City's General Plan and Specific Plans, and establishes regulations governing the use, placement, spacing and size of land and buildings. The Zoning Ordinance also describes various permits available through the Planning Division, when they are needed, and the process for obtaining permits. 

Development Agreements 
California planning law authorizes cities and developers to enter into a contract to lock in regulations and policies governing the property. Development agreements benefit the city and its residents by detailing the developer's responsibilities for public improvements and infrastructure such as street lights and roads. Since specific plans may be amended or repealed at the City's discretion, development agreements also give developers the certainty they need to develop their property. With the obligations of both the City and the developer detailed and in writing, the project is able to move ahead smoothly with few obstacles.

Community Design Guidelines 
Community Design Guidelines identify the City's expectations for planning, designing and reviewing development proposals in Roseville. The document's purpose is to identify standards that promote high quality development and design.

Roseville's Blueprint Implementation Strategies
Roseville's Blueprint Implementation Strategies includes a menu of strategies to achieve compact mixed use higher density projects in order to meet the SACOG Blueprint objectives.

For more information about these comprehensive planning documents, contact the Planning Division at 774-5276.