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Zoning Information

The Zoning Ordinance is codified as Title 19 of the Roseville Municipal Code.  The purpose of this Title is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare of the City and to provide the economic and social advantages, which result from an orderly, planned use of the environment.  The Zoning Ordinance implements the City's General Plan and Specific Plans, and establishes regulations governing the use, placement, spacing and size of land and buildings.  The Zoning Ordinance also describes various permits available through the Planning Division, when they are needed, and the process for obtaining permits.

The Sign Ordinance is codified as Title 17 of the Roseville Municipal Code.  The purpose of this Title is to create a comprehensive and balanced system of sign regulation which will facilitate communication and simultaneously serve various public interests, including but not limited to safety and community esthetics.

The Zoning and Sign Ordinances may be accessed at the following links.

Roseville Municipal Code

Zoning Ordinance (Non-Codified)

Sign Ordinance - May 2008 (Non-codified)

Additional information, including zoning and land use information, may be obtained from the interactive Parcel Viewer.

You may email requests for zoning information to or you may obtain zoning information through the Property Information tool and additional maps located on the Planning Maps page. You may also call 916-774-5276 for additional information.

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Working in conjunction with the Zoning Ordinance is the City’s Zoning Map, which may be accessed below:

Zoning Map