Past Budgets and Reports Archive

The following downloadable files are provided in an attempt to meet a high standard for financial transparency online.

Adopted Budget

Mid Year Report

Year End Report

Annual Financial
Report (CAFR)
Year End Single
FY2011 FY2011 Mid Year FY2011 Year End 2011 FY10-11 Single Audit
FY2010 FY2010 Mid Year

FY2010 Year End 2010 FY09-10 Single Audit
FY2009 FY2009 Mid Year FY2009 Year End 2009 FY08-09 Single Audit
FY2008 FY2008 Mid Year FY2008 Year End 2008 FY07-08 Single Audit
FY2007 FY2007 Mid Year FY2007 Year End 2007 FY06-07 Single Audit

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