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CIO Message & Communication

Welcome to the home of the Information Technology Department and the Office of the Chief
Information Officer.
We hold pride in being the leaders in technology and using both information and technology as integral pieces of our business – which can be seen in the new 2016 -2017 Strategic Technology Plan and how it is achieving the City’s goals and vision/mission.

The City of Roseville is an Innovative, Progressive, Smart and Digital City. The technology is what drives the future infrastructure of the City. Through collaborative partnership in many of our innovative projects today and investing in our team members with the right skill sets, cost effective solutions are delivered to support the Citywide operations and provide excellent services to our community.

If you are within the City network, please browse the IT-Intranet and explore all of the information and services offered to you. If you are a partner or a customer of ours in the City / Community, we are continuously committed to the superior results delivered by one of our IT-Teams (Strategic Planning, Infrastructure and Customer Services). As the world is now evolving around the information age (social, mobile, information and cloud), the team also maintains a Social Media page to share general information and innovative technology events. We believe that through these services, the City is truly unleashing the potential of its strategic business values.

I hope you will find much of this information to be useful and exciting, and can see how they are being related to our day-to-day operations. We are open to your comments and suggestions on how we can further adopt innovative technology to support this City and the Community, to improve its quality of life.

Hong Sae
Chief Information Officer
CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Continuous Efforts To Protect The City)

Information Privacy & Cyber Security are Hot Topics These Days …The Internet has risen up to be the melting pot of all social networking, banking, shopping, researching and conducting business activities. Unfortunately, it has also created another passage for cyber hacking and digital criminal activities.

CIO - IT Communication (Season Greetings & 2015 At A Glance)

As 2015 comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our Department Heads, cross-functional team members and our business partners for your continued support, ideas and contributions. So much of what we have achieved over this last year is a direct result of our partnership efforts. As this new year approaches us, we hope to continue to grow our partnership as we seek to continuously improve & transform the business technology services within the City of Roseville.

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Is Your Mobile Device Secure?)

You could be the next victim of a hack via your smart phone or tablet. Want to know how easy it is for the bad guys to see what you’re doing? Check out these videos!

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Social Media, Stay Safe Online)

Every picture post and status update you share online is sharing information about yourself to the world. How can you make sure you and your information stay safe online?

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Beware of Ransomware...)

Beware of what? What is Ransomware? Check out the video links and graphics...

CIO - IT Communication (OC&L Organizational Culture & Leadership)

As you all are aware, the City is in the process of recreating an organizational culture plan. Changing an organization’s culture is one of the most difficult challenges a business can take on because it comprises an interlocking set of goals, roles, values, trust, communications practices, attitudes, engagement, assumptions and processes/policy & structure. Much time and effort must be invested from all of us to help better our workplace and ultimately to improve citizen satisfaction. This is why your feedback has been so important to the efforts.


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