Digital Cities Survey 2015

Digital Cities Survey 2014

Information Technology
316 Vernon St., Suite 300
Roseville, CA 95678

Through our leadership, expertise and strategic partnerships, we deliver innovative, cost-effective technology solutions to support citywide operations and provide excellent community service.
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2014 Digital Cities Survey Synopsis

Forward-Thinking, Innovative, Progressive, Smart and Digital.

Those are some of the words typically used then people talk about or interact with the City of Roseville.  It’s true; the City of Roseville is a modern, forward-thinking and thriving full-service California city that provides exceptional services combined with outstanding customer service to enhance the quality of life of our community.

With continued growth, both in population and development, the demand for City services remains very strong. At the same time, citizens and businesses demand greater accountability, transparency, accountability and are pushing the City to use our tax dollars as efficiently as possible.

In the past ten years, technology has transformed the way the City of Roseville transacts and communicates with its employees, citizens and businesses. The City’s innovative technology efforts, mobile strategies, social computing and cloud-1st initiatives have provided us with new and exciting opportunities to further connect with our community.

Technology is what drives the future infrastructure of the City. Through collaborative partnership in many of our innovative projects today and investing in our team members with the right skill sets, cost effective solutions are delivered to support the Citywide operations and provide excellent services to our community.

When considering the City’s digital future, the Information Technology Department will continue to look for new ways to provide cost-effective, high-value solutions to deliver what our internal and external customers expect in mainstream formats such as web-enabled phones, tablets, and computers. In addition, we will continue to work with all departments as a strategic partner to represent a unified, secure, citizen-centric digital experience where all the information and services are always available online and oversee an agile, cutting-edge technical infrastructure to meet the City’s ever-growing needs.

The City envisions and requires even greater use of innovative technology in the years ahead.  The Cities forward thinking mindset will influence many technology decisions in the future, and will guide us to achieve the City's Vision, Mission and Goals, as well as to become the City of choice for living, working, and collaboration.

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First Name: Hong 
Last Name: Sae
Title/Role: Chief Information Officer
Agency: City of Roseville
Phone: (916)774-5152
City Website URL:
Address: 401 Oak Street, Suite 404
City/Town: Roseville
State: California
ZIP Code: 95678

Communications-Public Information Director/ alternate contact if the registrant is not available:
First Name: Roger
Last Name:Root 
Title/Role: IT Planning Manager
Agency: City of Roseville 
Phone: (916)774-5120