Accomplishment & Initiative

Accomplishment & Initiative Accomplishment/Initiative # 1
Project Management Office (PMO)

The City has over 50 million dollars in business technology projects in addition to construction, process improvement and event- planning projects. As a result we saw the opportunity to make a difference by creating a project culture of collaboration, working together to achieve shared goals, sharing knowledge and creating solutions. Leveraging the project-based work from 17 different business functions, we chartered a Project Management Office (PMO) that supports this emerging culture and offers support and services needed to support our technology and non-technology projects.
The PMO will provide teams with the knowledge and tools to properly plan, execute, monitor and closeout their projects successfully. In addition, the PMO integrates with our governance process, which approves and prioritizes projects, by supporting the efforts of governance and incorporating accountability and transparencies for technology-related projects. Through this process, we are able to insure that projects are submitted on time, and that project resources and budget have been thoroughly considered. Most importantly, the PMO brings together the deep talent pool citywide to leverage and learn from each other with round tables, knowledge sharing sessions and facilitated workshops.

The PMO Steering Committee and sponsors measures our results annually in order to make adjustments to meet the needs of a growing project-management community. We reaffirm that the outcomes of our projects are critical to run and grow our business by investing in their success.
Download the PMO charter, methodology or balance score card criteria.