Operations Accomplishment/Initiative # 1
ITIL - Change Advisory Board Process

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) was created to help govern and monitor technology changes throughout the City to minimize the impact to business services and IT infrastructure components.

Every week this board meets to evaluate and authorize Request for Change (RFC) based on the business need, priority, cost/benefit, and potential impact on the existing IT Assets (resources and capabilities). The RFC procedure is used prior to implementing planned changes to a production component of technology infrastructure, software, hardware, or other IT service which could affect users of that technology in degradation of service or service interruption on or off hours.

The Request for Change enables staff to propose changes to our production technology environment or document changes made after the resolution of an outage. Staff can review requests to determine if it may affect other areas of the City’s technology environment, and then mitigate conflicts accordingly.

The request for change form is submitted through the Service Desk ticket system and must be reviewed and approved by the CAB and Assistant Director before the change is implemented. This process has allowed our department to go from approximately forty outages a year to zero outages due to human error. The links provided below are the CAB Charter, SOP After Incident Report and the SOP Request for Change document.

CAB Charter

SOP After Action Report:

SOP Request for Change:

Operations Accomplishment/Initiative # 2
Enterprise Technology Architecture

The Enterprise Technology Architecture document is a defined and standardized technology roadmap to help implement & align technology with business goals, and to improve interoperability & collaboration on technology initiatives.
This document is meant as reference for all necessary RFP/RFQ releases, new project discussions, cross functional team information sharing and vendor communications.

This is a tool to define what information technology assets are used to enable business programs & processes that support our City’s mission and goals. A standardized and consistent operating environment will result in simplified management, increased reliability, elevated productivity and lower ongoing operation and maintenance costs.