Technology & Data

Technology & Data Accomplishment/Initiative # 1
Downtonw WIFI

The City of Roseville is to launch our first public access wireless local area network (“Wi-Fi”) on September 13th, which will enable the public to use laptop computers, smart phones, or other suitable portable devices to access the internet in downtown Roseville. By providing this service the City hopes to stimulate economic development and increase competitiveness, promote digital inclusion within designated project area, and to amplify numerous other activities, past and present, consistent with the City’s vision to be a premier location for families to live, work and play. Here's the links to:

Downtown WIFI request for proposal:

Roseville Wi-Fi Public Private Partnership Agreement:

The primary targeted coverage area is highlighted inside the red outline.

Technology & Data Accomplishment/Initiative # 2
Palo Alto Firewall Upgrade

The Information Technology Department places a high priority on security and makes a concerted effort to make sure City information remains safe and infrastructure remain stable and functioning. In addition to security, we upgraded the main city perimeter firewalls to Palo Alto to increase capacity, functionality and to license additional features to meet the City’s current business demand and enable the City’s mobile strategy.

There were approximately 400 mobile devices in use and the strategic plan calls for increased mobility. Without a solution to securely provide access to city resources and files, the mobile workforce would have limited capabilities and the full benefit of mobility will not be realized.

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the existing perimeter firewalls to a more powerful product that will accommodate greater Internet access demands and to support the number of mobile devices requiring access to City resources. We needed to increase the capacity of our current solution to handle the additional load that the mobile strategy will present.

Palo Alto firewalls are considered best in class and adding an additional feature is cost effective since we already had the Palo Alto firewall in place for content filtering, anti-malware scanning and threat management. Plus, implementing a new solution would require additional technical expertise and management.

This solution will enable us to provide what has been called for in the strategic plan, which is to increase our workforce mobility. In addition it allows us to retire some old and unsupported technologies that have worked well for us but are past their useful life.