Digital Cities Survey 2015

Digital Cities Survey 2015

Information Technology
316 Vernon St., Suite 300
Roseville, CA 95678

Through our leadership, expertise and strategic partnerships, we deliver innovative, cost-effective technology solutions to support citywide operations and provide excellent community service.
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2015 Digital Cities Survey Synopsis

Forward-Thinking, Innovative, Progressive, Smart and Digital - the City’s Vision, Mission and Goals are continually influencing our technology decisions. They help guide us as we work to become the City of choice for living, working, and collaboration.

As we enter into a new calendar year with our operational initiatives defined from the Strategic Technology Plan, our department must be positioned to reach new levels of performance. In an effort to achieve this, a new organizational structure has been implemented.

IT-Strategic Planning & Digital Communication
  • E-Government & Digital Social Engagement
  • Special Projects & Project Management Office     
  • Strategic Planning & Digital Communication
  • Information Security Administration  
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Database & Cloud Division
  • GIS & Analytics Division
  • Network Infrastructure Division                              
    Client & Innovation Services
  • Business Solutions Division
  • Client Services Division
  • Enterprise Solutions Division                              

    This new structure is designed to allow our team to achieve our quest to be leaders in technology, to form strategic partnerships, to allow flexibility & agility, innovation, and a collaborative work environment.

    Technology is what drives the future infrastructure of the City. Through collaborative partnership in many of our innovative projects and investing in our team members with the right skill sets, innovative and cost effective solutions are delivered to support the Citywide operations and provide excellent services to our community.

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    Self Assessment

    First Name: Hong 
    Last Name: Sae
    Title/Role: Chief Information Officer
    Agency: City of Roseville
    Phone: (916) 774-5152
    City Website URL:
    Address: 401 Oak Street, Suite 404
    City/Town: Roseville
    State: California
    ZIP Code: 95678

    Communications - Public Information Director (alternate contact if the registrant is not available):
    First Name: Roger
    Last Name: Root 
    Title/Role: IT Planning Manager
    Agency: City of Roseville 
    Phone: (916) 774-5120