Accomplishments & Initiatives

As our city grows, our organizational culture is also evolving. We must adapt and change to provide the services and meet the changing demands that this growth brings. As part of this budget cycle, the City has created an Organizational Culture & Leadership committee with representatives from all departments to lead an assessment of the city’s organizational culture, identify what is working and what needs attention, and develop a strategy to ensure the City fosters a customer-service oriented culture.
In addition to the evolving culture, it is imperative that we keep current with the new trends and practices. The IT Department has taken the initiative to provide technology training to our customers and staff.


IT Educational Program

Continuing education and regular training is extremely important and regularly practiced. We know this is the best way for our staff to keep current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies that our customers are requiring. In addition to the vast amount of conference attendance and off site training, the City of Roseville has recently adopted two additional programs to help continue to educate our staff.

Starting in October of 2013, the IT Department partnered with Sacramento State College of Continuing Education to offer a Business Analyst Certificate Program in Roseville. The program is intended for analysts and managers throughout the City that are responsible for business process improvement and technology initiatives.

Over the last two years, this 84-hour class (7 month program) has continued to provide City staff with a modern tool set that integrates the best from proven methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Theory of Constraints, and traditional Systems Development Lifecycle.

Each of our participants have been able to develop the following skills and techniques:

  • Facilitate, elicit, and document the underlying business requirements to clearly capture the processes, parameters and stakeholder expectations
  • Model and analyze business processes and the supporting IT systems to identify critical leverage points that will yield the highest value return per innovation dollar invested
  • Communicate with key stakeholders in a more strategic, influential, and efficient fashion to accelerate the adoption of recommended changes
  • Design the business case and support the implementation of targeted solutions in alignment with organization’s strategic goals
  • Plan and monitor the progress of analysis deliverables in the context of a standalone recommendation project or integrated with a full Innovation Lifecycle initiative

    While programs such as the Business Analyst Certificate Program are great ways to keep our employees educated, we also recognize the need for flexibility. Earlier this year, the City of Roseville IT implemented two e-learning programs. One is meant for everyday business and technology education, and the other is for more advanced and specialized training.     

    Classes available to us include subjects covering:

  • Office 365 
  • Creating Access Web Apps in SharePoint 2013, Data-Analysis Fundamentals with Excel
  • Up and Running with Server Core for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • ITIL Foundations, SharePoint 2013 Site and Collection Administration
  • SharePoint 2013 Site and Collection Administration , Box OneCloud Apps for Mobile Productivity
  • Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Unix for Mac OS X Users
  • Managing Windows 7
  • Techniques and Concepts of Big Data, R Statistics Essential Training
  • ArcGIS Essential Training, Real-World GIS
  • Cloud Computing First Look
  • IT Security Fundamentals, Windows 8 Networking and Security
  • Virtualization Essential Training

    Business Analyst Certificate Program


  • High Performance Organization: OC&L Strategic / HUB Engagement Initiative

    Understanding and nurturing our City culture is an important part of our overall success and performance.

    Organizational culture isn’t easily measured. It is made up of values and assumptions which emerge from individual as well as our collective interactions. The Organizational Culture and Leadership Team (OC&L) was developed earlier this year and has worked hard to gather as much feedback and input from employees. With that information, identified common themes and developed strategies for improving our internal culture. From there, the OC&L team developed an organizational culture management plan focusing on both short-term and long-term goals.

    One of the major findings from all the research is the need to improve our internal communications.

    A cross-departmental group from the larger citywide Communications Team has developed a multi-faceted Internal Communications (IC) Plan to address this important need. The group’s research shows improvements in internal communications yield overwhelmingly positive impacts to the organization.

    At the heart of the plan is an internal website that would host constantly updated news stories of interest to employees in a blog style much like a TV station or major newspaper website, with videos and photos. This site would be the hub of our efforts.

    The Hub, both online and in print, is the place for news and happenings inside the city, produced by employees for employees.