Citizen Engagement

Strong communities spring from robust civic engagement. To build a strong community, it’s important to encourage dialogue from an array of interests. For many years, the City has worked with its neighborhood associations to encourage an open dialogue that fueled innovation and engagement. The City extends the reach by participating in many community and civic groups, industry associations, and public-interest forums to raise awareness of issues and broaden the discussion on solutions. In addition, the City provides online e-notify services which offers free e-mail subscriptions on a range of topics from traffic alerts to public safety, and a biweekly City of Roseville e-newsletter that highlights events, initiatives, alerts, and policy decisions that pertain to a more general audience.

The effort continues from there. The City’s Information Technology Department has recently implemented two initiatives to help increase citizen engagement.

Tech Teens (RPAL)

The Tech Teens program is a new program offered through the Roseville Police Activities League by the Information Technology Department that will mold future leaders of Information Technology. Students with very little access to resources, mentorship and training will gain the opportunity to learn from the very best. In addition, this program will give City of Roseville team members, surrounding partners, and California State University Sacramento outreach mentors the ability to demonstrate leadership skills.

The program consists of six informational sessions that cover hardware, software, project management, leadership skills, and customer service. The Tech Teens program gives us the chance to reflect on what we do, why we do it, and who we serve.

Tech Teen Flyer

Alert360 (Crowd-Sourcing)

On February 16, 2015, the City of Roseville launched Alert-360 which is the first 911 crowdsourcing smartphone application. This application allows users to receive real-time emergency alerts regarding 911 incidents that are crowd-sourced in their area and as a result then can lend help or avoid an area, depending on the nature of the accident. 

This application notifies subscribers of 911 calls in their vicinity. It allows subscribers to push content up to the Alert-360 website (images/ text/ video). In addition, authorized personnel can see content, and send messages through an online portal. This new application has provided situational awareness for City employees, improved information gathering from witnesses, and increased citizen interaction.

After 47 Years 911 Calling Just Got Smarter

Roseville Tests Real-time Emergency Alert App

App to Notify First Responders, People Nearby About Emergencies