The City of Roseville is continually making operational improvements to make government more efficient and enhance services to the public. Two examples of this are Office 365 and the Business Impact Analysis. Office 365 will improve collaboration and mobility. The Business Impact Analyst will help the City prioritize critical business processes and plan for business resumption in the time of emergency or disaster.


Office 365 Program

We are excited to bring Microsoft‘s innovative cloud solution to the City to help us run, and improve our business. How we go about doing the work of the City is changing and with it a demand for tools to enhance collaboration and mobility.

4 key things Office 365 will deliver for the City of Roseville
  •  Latest Office 2013 suite with secure mobility – Next generation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher & Access products we know and use today – same best of breed office products and familiar user experience.


  • Increased capacity for email and file storage 50 GB mail boxes and 100 GB file storage per user.


  • Integrated communication staff is able to utilize Skype for instant message or video conferencing each other to enable short and quick communication. Staff can share their desktop with others to edit and discuss documents real time for a true collaboration experience.


  • SharePoint provides the city the ability to create collaboration workspaces. Team and project sites which are essentially a web page become a collaboration space where all relevant information is consolidated, easy to view and contribute to. Teams can then share documents to collaborate on and version control reduces risk of rework.


    Office 365 Fact Sheet
    Office 365 Powerpoint

  • Business Impact Analysis

    A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is an initial step in creating a comprehensive Business Resumption Plan.  It differentiates critical (urgent) and non-critical (non-urgent) organization functions/activities.

    The City has partnered with MLC to develop a high level Business Impact Analysis plan. The deliverable from this engagement will be the ground work for more detailed business resumption and disaster recovery plans for those identified critical business processes / services.

    This project is a prime example of the importance of our partnership with Business and Technology. We will work together to identify these key business processes / services. This will enable the City’s next steps to ensure we have a plan in place that staff can execute and ensure the City continues to conduct its critical business in time of emergency or disaster.