Policies and Procedures are the strategic link between the Company vision, and its day-to-day operations. They provide clear direction for employees as well as insights into company philosophies, values and ethical standards. Below are two new policies in which the City of Roseville implemented over the last few months.

City of Roseville Public Affairs and Communications Strategic Plan

This plan includes an assessment of Roseville’s current communications environment and identifies strategies to help Roseville achieve clearly defined communication goals that align with established citywide goals including: 

        1. Be a transparent, open and accessible government 
        2. Encourage engagement 
        3. Build trust 
        4. Anticipate future needs

Five citywide communication goals were identified to serve as guiding objectives of the Public Affairs and Communications Strategic Plan to build on the City’s strengths while addressing areas of concern. These goals and supporting strategies are defined and refined based on the needs assessment, observations, dialogue and extensive research. The strategies were designed to address the variety of needs and concerns identified in the plan. 

        1. Goal: Uphold a progressive City culture by assessing and adopting effective communication strategies. 
        2. Goal: Establish PA&CD as a dependable resource for Roseville’s communication needs. 
        3. Goal: Utilize social media and innovative technology to increase engagement with the community. 
        4. Goal: Improve consistency of the look, feel and tone of all City communication materials. 
        5. Goal: Strengthen and promote staff investment in the City’s organizational values.

City of Roseville Public Affairs and Communications Strategic Plan

Social Media Policy

Social media has quickly become a communication venue that has fundamentally changed the way communication with the public occurs and has created venues for engagement and the ability for two-way communication. To respond to evolving communication expectations and needs, the city and its departments have adopted various city-sponsored social media sites as a means to reach desired audiences. The activation, planning and maintenance of these city-sponsored social media sites require a “one City” approach that establishes a consistent message using industry-recognized best practices and adheres to legal and security standards.

This administrative regulation provides the following elements to guide city employees on the creation, use and maintenance of city-sponsored social media sites:

        1. Roles and responsibilities
        2. Implementation policies
        3. A supporting social media procedure handbook that outlines the Best Management Practices for Social Media

The purpose of this policy is to establish parameters on the creation and use of city-sponsored social media sites to enhance customer service through improved communication and the dissemination of information relating to the missions and program goals of the City of Roseville and communicating information with one voice in a consistent, accurate and credible manner.

Social Media Policy