Technology & Data

By leveraging emerging technologies and enterprise application software, the City of Roseville is able to provide cost effective and efficient services to our citizens. The IT department continues to deliver exceptional technical and customer services to the City’s departments. Two excellent examples that we are proud to showcase are the Open Data Portal and the New World, CAD/RMS Project.

Open Data Portal

The City has launched a new Open Data Portal ( to allow anyone with an Internet connection to easily search, access, customize and download selected groups of public information & data sets. This is an important innovation in Roseville’s efforts to improve transparency and civic engagement. The open data portal will has also improved the process of responding to inquiries from the public, media and special interest groups. 

Open Data Portal


New World, CAD/RMS Project

New World Systems was selected to replace the legacy Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) for Police and Fire, and the Records Management System (RMS) for Police.

The new system provides additional functionality than is currently in use by Roseville Public Safety today. Those additional modules include; field reporting, case management, gang information and tracking, advanced mapping system for police and fire, data mining tools, and much more.

Prior to 2015, the City’s CAD/RMS system was hosted by Placer County as part of a regional public safety system. The new system will allow Roseville to function independently, while also moving forward with data sharing partnerships with Placer County and other neighboring agencies.

The first phase of this project went live May 2015.