Broadband / Wireless Infrastructure

Initiatives / Accomplishments in Place

The City has implemented a new Aruba wireless network system that has significantly increased both the capacity of the wireless network to support an ever-increasing number portable devices for our continually expanding mobile workforce. This wireless network uses the latest 802.11ac standard.

Initiatives / Accomplishments in the Last Year

The City has learned that if you provide an excellent wireless network, people will use it! Therefore we are continually expanding our wireless network by adding access points throughout the city to enable and empower a wireless workforce.

Status of City Initiatives (next 12 - 18 months)

VII-3. Select the status for each city item/ area below:
No Plans to Use/ Deploy
No Plans, but Considering/ Under Discussion
Definite Plans to Procure/ Deploy/ Upgrade in next 12-18 mos.
In Use Now
VII-3.1 Broadband Infrastructure      X  
VII-3.2 Wireless Infrastructure        X
VII-3.3 Software-defined Networks      X  
VII-3.4 Unified Communications        X
VII-3.5 Converged Infrastructure    X    
VII-3.6 Multi-jurisdictional Partnerships (for example with schools, other cities, counties, or the state)        X
VII-3.7 Right-of-Way Agreements (fiber, etc.)  X      
VII-3.8 Other (describe below)  X      

3.1 ~ The City will be implementing dual-redundant Internet connections in which two different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will each provide an Internet connection to both of the City’s data centers. Using Cisco’s Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), the City will be able to maintain Internet connectivity in the event of failure with either a data center or a provider. Such redundancy is essential in an environment in which mission-critical systems are in the cloud.

3.2 ~ See VII-1 above.
3.3 ~ The City is currently executing an upgrade to the data switches to implement software-defined networking in our data centers built on Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure. This technology will reduce TCO, automate IT tasks, and accelerate data center application deployments.

3.4 ~ The City has had unified communications between its voice and email systems for a number of years.

3.5 ~ As part of the Network Infrastructure Strategic Plan, the City has begun researching converged infrastructure technology to determine if it may be of benefit to the City.

3.6 ~ There numerous multi-jurisdictional partnerships that the City has had in place for a number of years.