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Initiatives / Accomplishments in Place

Strong communities spring from robust civic engagement. To build a strong community, it’s important to encourage dialogue from an array of interests. For many years, the City has worked with its neighborhood associations to encourage an open dialogue that has fueled innovation and engagement. In FY2014-15, the City partnered with the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations to hold an inaugural citywide neighborhood association conference where topics included neighborhood resources, planning and growth, code enforcement and environmental stewardship. The Police Department has an officer at each of the two dozen or so monthly neighborhood association meetings, and the City actively engages with the leadership of the neighborhood associations on a range of issues.

City representatives work with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and various civic groups, industry associations, and public-interest forums to raise awareness of community issues and broaden the discussion on solutions. At the same time, City Council members host town hall-style meetings called "Council Coffees," where they engage in informal discussion with community members on topics of interest, ensuring another opportunity for the community to join the conversation.

The effort continues from there into the digital realm. The City’s online e-notify service offers free e-mail subscriptions on a range of topics from traffic alerts and public safety to policy items. And the City is actively engaged in a variety of social media channels, which also offer the opportunity for two-way interaction. 

  • Internal Communications—With research and strategy for an internal communications plan, the launch allowed us to connect to our employees in more meaningful ways to each other. Offering insight about policies and operations and providing forums where ideas can be exchanged will strengthen employees’ ability to serve as strong ambassadors for the City. An internal communications website called “The Hub” and a printed newsletter to reach field workers will be part of this initiative.

  • Open Data Portal— the Open Data Portal offers a single website location where city data can be accessed. Initial data sets include often-requested items such as permits and crime statistics. As we expand this base, software programmers might use data sets from the portal to develop innovative mobile apps for public use.


    Initiatives / Accomplishments in the Last Year

    As the City has grown, so has the demand for digital engagement. It was obvious that the existing website and content management system (CMS) no longer meets the City’s needs. After an internal needs assessment was conducted and thorough RFP review process was completed, the City selected CivicLive to redesign the website and replace the existing CMS.

    CivicLive has experience with designing and developing websites for municipalities to help increase civic engagement, improve citizen’s online experience and improve business processes. The CMS software CivicLive offers is intuitive for City staff to navigate and easily update website information to better serve citizens, and offers an array of features the City currently does not have. With this new website our largest focus will be on making it customer focused. Currently the information architecture of our site is based on departments. This is not ideal for our citizens as not everyone understands the City’s organizational structure. Instead, this new site is service focused and will be based on the most visited pages. We also want to provide a more robust mobile version of the website- specifically formatted for mobile devices. In addition, this new site will allow us to streamline our business processes and create ease for citizens as we will have the ability to create online forms.

    The tentative go live for the new website is expected late spring of 2017, with the intranet to follow shortly after. We are super excited about the launch of this project and can’t wait to showcase the City in a new way.

    In addition to the new CMS, the City also implemented a new system for creating, sending and managing the numerous electronic newsletters we use to connect with our residents and businesses.

    GovDelivery works exclusively with government entities from cities and special districts to states to federal agencies like the CDC. They offer a unique network of clients and systems allowing us to greatly expand our subscription lists.

    The City communicates through various outlets. Direct email and text messaging have proven to be among the most effective. We have an established community that already receives updates from us, and this tool will help to bolster how we send information. GovDelivery also offers advanced analytic data to help us in improving the e-newsletters and reaching more people.

    Status of City Initiatives (next 12 - 18 months)

    III-3. Select the status for each city item/ area below:
    No Plans to Use/ Deploy
    No Plans, but Considering/ Under Discussion
    Definite Plans to Procure/ Deploy/ Upgrade in next 12-18 mos.
    In Use Now
    III-3.1 Expansion of Citizen
    Online Services
    III-3.2 Crowd-sourcing Initiatives    X    
    III-3.3 CRM: Customer Relationship Management      X  
    III-3.4 Citizen Input-soliciting Initiatives (online town hall, surveys, mobile reporting/ input)        X
    III-3.5 Other (describe below)        

    In June 2016 we kicked off the implementation of a new Content Management System (CMS). This project will give the City and the community the tools to expand services, improve communication, expand customer relations, and give the City of Roseville the digital footprint needed for the next generation of digital government. The new CMS will greatly improve the services provided by General Government, but will provide tremendous opportunities for our enterprise departments. The new CMS is only part of goal; we truly want to engage our community in a much more inactive and effective manner.

    Over the course of the next 18 months the City will be evaluating options for expanding or replacing our Granicus system (which provides video recording for all council meetings). The current system does a sufficient job today, but with Agenda Automation, Citizen Engagement and video opportunities we hope to expand those options as much as possible.