Cybersecurity Measures / Initiatives

Initiatives / Accomplishments in Place

The City focuses on maintaining a high degree of vigilance to protect against information compromise and disruption of services. Our systems are continually being threatened by both a higher number and more sophisticated cyber-attacks. Approximately 36 million cyberattacks were launched against the City network last year. The City employs a number of procedural and technical controls in order to protect sensitive business and personal information, as well as to help safeguard national security. We will continue to maximize efforts to protect our technology infrastructure and all sensitive information with which we have been entrusted.

Aside from the confidential security methodology that we utilize to protect the City, our team has put into effect many other measures to protect the critical infrastructure and business/customer account information. For example:

  • Maintaining a multi-layer security program that combines people, tools, controls and technologies to protect our data.
  • Working collaboratively with many private businesses and governmental agencies to address any potential threats / malware outbreak, and continuously monitor our systems through an automated notification system.
  • Using advanced encryption technology to secure our communication with all external websites (using https:// protocol and virtual private networks-VPN).
  • Utilizing firewall & anti-virus programs with pattern analysis & advanced analytical systems to detect suspicious activity, and preventing unauthorized access to City’s systems.
  • Limiting the number of individuals who have access to personal/customer and sensitive information.
  • Providing e-learning and information tool sets to educate the team about privacy and security.
  • Ensuring Citywide cyber insurance coverage for all Internet business transactions.
  • Maintaining other operational controls including policy, such as limiting the number of Administrators (Super-User privilege) on the computers and performing regular network penetration testing.


    Initiatives / Accomplishments in the Last Year

    Citywide Cyber Security Awareness Training

    The Information Technology Department is rolling out its first ever citywide cyber security awareness training. All users are receiving an assignment to complete appropriate training modules based on their role in the organization. Custom curriculums are tailored to specific roles that will cover specialized topics as appropriate. The objective of the program is to train all employees, interns and volunteers to be aware of cybersecurity threats like malicious emails and web sites, as well as how to properly handle sensitive information, and how to maintain compliance with applicable regulations.

    Phishing Email Exercises

    Many threats, including highly disruptive ransomware infections, are delivered via email phishing campaigns. To reinforce awareness of this serious threat, the Information Technology Department recently sent out a mock phishing email citywide. The goal of this exercise was to educate our employees about how to recognize email threats. Behind the scenes, the campaign tracks the success of employees in recognizing and deleting phishing emails versus clicking on the embedded link. Clicking on links in real phishing messages could potentially damage the City’s infrastructure and expose sensitive business data. Those who are fooled by the phish (i.e. they click on the link in the email) are automatically enrolled in an online training session. This training is also offered and encouraged for those employees who did not click on the link as well. It can help reinforce how to recognize various tactics used to leverage fraudulent email content.

    Technical Enhancements

    The ability to automatically recognize, respond to, and mitigate cyber-attacks helps the City make efficient use of scarce IT staff resources. We are always working to enhance our capabilities in this area. Automated controls protect us 24x7. In addition, the ability to scan for, detect and report on vulnerabilities allows staff to quickly patch systems to help defend against the most serious threats.

    Status of City Initiatives (next 12 - 18 months)

    V-3. Select the status for each city item/ area below: 
    No Plans to Use/ Deploy 
    No Plans, but Considering/ Under Discussion 
    Definite Plans to Procure/ Deploy/ Upgrade in next 12-18 mos. 
    In Use Now 
     V-3.1 Security Awareness
     V-3.2 Identity and Access
     V-3.3 End Point Security        X
     V-3.4 Threat Analysis      X  
     V-3.5 Threat Detection       X  
     V-3.6 Security-as-a-Service      X  
     V-3.7 Web Analytics        X
     V-3.8 Cyber Insurance        X
     V-3.9 Program Integrity Strategy
     (fraud & waste abuse prevention)
     V-3.10 Other (describe below)        

    In 2016 and going forward the City of Roseville has put a large emphasis on security. We have multiple initiatives throughout the organization that focuses on various areas of security. In the last 18 months the City created an Information Security Administrator position. This new position reports direct to the CIO and focuses on cyber/information security. This person works closely with the Human Resources Risk Manager to ensure our Cyber Insurance is intact and that City is taking advantage of the tools and training that are provided through our Cyber Insurance carrier and other resources.