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Hiring and Retaining Competent IT Personnel

Initiatives / Accomplishments in Place

Understanding and nurturing our City culture is an important part of our overall success and performance & retention.

Organizational culture isn’t easily measured. It is made up of values and assumptions which emerge from individual as well as our collective interactions. The Organizational Culture and Leadership Team (OC&L) was developed earlier this year and has worked hard to gather as much feedback and input from employees. With that information, identified common themes and developed strategies for improving our internal culture. From there, the OC&L team developed an organizational culture management plan focusing on both short-term and long-term goals.

The three major focuses for this year include: increasing employee recognition efforts and opportunities for professional development, Increase internal communication efforts, Increase the amount of documented processes and policies.

With this initiative in place, we will continue to work as a City to keep our employees happy, and therefore better retention.

Initiatives / Accomplishments in the Last Year

Labor Negotiations

The City recently wrapped up negotiations with four of the five bargaining groups. The two groups that IT personnel belong to are: Local 39- Stationary Engineers and Management & Confidential. These negotiations resulted in three-year agreements with each that achieved the following common goals established at the beginning of negotiations.


  • Ensuring salaries and benefits are competitive in the market,
  • Providing consistency among bargaining groups, and
  • Maintaining a balance between payroll growth and projected revenues.

    The largest changes which impact IT personnel include:

  • 2% general salary increase for all positions; in addition to labor market adjustments for the following IT positions:
  • Information Tech Planning & Policy Technician
  • Information Technology Analyst I
  • Information Technology Analyst II
  • Information Technology Technician I
  • Information Technology Technician II
  • Increase in standby pay: compensation went from 7 hours a week to 13 per week.
  • Elimination of the excessive sick leave program.
  • Revised language allows probationary employees to take vacation leave during the first six months of employment.

    Below see the implementation schedule a link to the MOUs.

    Performance Management System

    The Human Resources Department and the IT Enterprise Solutions are partnering on a project to modernize and improve the citywide Performance Evaluation process. This automated solution will be leveraged to enable a more streamlined evaluation process. Employees will be empowered to provide online input and feedback to their managers and peers.

    Additional improvements and efficiencies that will be introduced with the new product include:

  • Implementation of electronic workflow to expedite the approval and feedback process.
  • Reporting including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards for every level of the organization.
  • Supports delivery of ongoing feedback throughout the review period
  • Ability to align employee goals with organizational strategy
  • Supports the capability to see and address skill and competency gaps
  • Uses performance data to inform development and aid in leadership planning
  • This solution will also support the introduction of citywide competencies and 360 employee reviews.

    Status of City Initiatives (next 12 - 18 months)

    VI-3. Select the status for each city item/ area below:
    No Plans to Use/ Deploy
    No Plans, but Considering/ Under Discussion
    Definite Plans to Procure/ Deploy/ Upgrade in next 12-18 mos.
    In Use Now
    VI-3.1 IT Skills Training and Development        X
    VI-3.2 Certifications        X
    VI-3.3 IT Recruitment Strategies        X
    VI-3.4 IT Retention Measures      X  
    VI-3.5 Flexible Work Environments        X
    VI-3.6 Outsourcing        X
    VI-3.7 As-a-Service Framework for IT Management    X    
    VI-3.8 Other (describe below)        

    Retaining competent IT staff has become one the most challenging aspects of managing an IT Department with in municipal government. In order retain competent staff our organization has to provide alternate incentives. Many of those incentives surround training, certifications and changing our workloads. The City of Roseville, IT Department has been able to maintain a fairly sufficient training budget. This budget allows the staff opportunities to attend specialized conferences, increase product and system knowledge, complete certification, improve their work process and expand their skill sets.

    In FY16 we had two staff members complete their PMI certifications. One completed all the training online through an e-learning tool, the other participated in a local course at a training center. We try to encourage our teams to get certifications where applicable. We also try to include memberships and certifications in our budget. Starting in September of 2016 the City of Roseville will participate in the third Business Analysis cohort with California State University, Sacramento. This cohort has expanded to partner with Placer County. This program provides a solid foundation for project management, business analysis, process improvement and leadership. The professional growth and training our staff continues to be a top priority for the organization. The City also created an Organizational Culture and Leadership Committee that really focuses on what makes Roseville a great place to work and what can we do better. The following chart identifies a few of the trainings/initiatives we are currently focusing on:

    2016/2017 Information Technology - Testing/Training/Continuing Education

    City Wide
    Interview & Testing
    Cultural Diversity / Customer Service
    Sensitivity / Touch of Understanding
    Supervisory Training
    Project Rollout Training
    Core Leadership Competencies

    IT- Individual Training
    Personal Certification
    Min Requirements & Education Training
    Conference / 1 every two years
    Specific Software / OS Training
    Department Evaluation - Personal Goal
    Certification / Exam
    E-Learning-Plural Sight / Lynda
    AR Review-City Required Training

    IT- Department Training
    MSFT/ESRI E-Learning
    City Educational Fund
    Analysts-BA Certificate
    21st Century Leadership
    ITIL-Info Tech Infrastructure Library
    LSS-Lean Six Sigma