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Accela Automation, the new Development Services Permitting system, replacing Permits Plus, Project Tracking System and Velocity Hall, went live July 1.

Benefits of Accela Automation:

  • Provide access via the internet to the City’s customers providing a user friendly interface that is intuitive to the customer.
  • Provide a System that supports online Citizen access, online permit submission, online permit tracking, online inspection scheduling and permit management.
  • Provide a solution that is a single source for all City permit tracking.
  • Provide a system that enhances the reliability and consistency of development services and provides transparency of work flow to the customer.
  • Provide a system that integrates with systems supporting development with an emphasis on GIS.

Accela Project Charter
Accela January Newsletter
Accela September Newsletter


With the growth of the City, the Environmental Utilities department has realized the inefficiency of having to manually re-route already established commercial and residential routes. Primary concerns are the time demands of the process, the inability to effectively input variables and effectively project the resource requirements of future growth. Therefore, the Solid Waste Division is seeking an automated, computerized solid waste route optimization solution to develop balanced collection routes, reduce drive time and costs (fuel, labor, etc.) improve customer service and project resources to address future growth.

Currently the division works with the Environmental Utilities (EU) Engineering GIS mapping group to manually create, update and print residential routes. This process excludes any automated, computerized system recommendations (optimization suggestions) reasons, variables or constraints, with the exception of proprietary knowledge regarding how many houses can be served by each driver. 

Commercial routing is currently a manual process in which routes are printed from excel spreadsheets created by supervisors relying again on proprietary knowledge.    

The division has looked into solutions that utilize our current ESRI ArcGIS platform because this is the platform standard for the City. Route Smart is an already built, out of the box solution that appears to satisfy all of our requirements. In addition, it is most used routing software in the industry and the only solution that we could find that makes business sense for us.

Project Proposal
Additional Information


Virtualization in Roseville

The City of Roseville began virtualizing servers in 2006.  Having seven years of experience with virtualization has given us time to learn and implement best practices.  Once implemented, server virtualization software reaped massive savings in hardware costs.  At the time we implemented the City of Roseville was still in a growth cycle and expanding the data center.  Multiple servers per year were being purchased with price tags of $15 - $20k; this was the immediate cost savings.  We soon realized the reduction in hardware maintenance costs having less physical servers to maintain.  Naturally, we achieved reduced energy costs as well.  Another primary value server virtualization brought was process efficiency.  All aspects of server provisioning was revolutionized.  We can deliver a server in hours as opposed to weeks or months.  We can clone a production server and make it a test server almost instantly.  Server hardware resources can be adjusted as necessary allowing us to operate each system optimally.  In the physical server model, departments would over-build servers spending thousands of dollars on hardware that was not used but was purchased “just in case”.  Finally, the city realized other well documented benefits such as seamless server backup and recovery, improved management tools, and exceptional disaster recovery options.

Today the City of Roseville has just over 200 virtual servers and is approximately 80% virtualized.  Going forward Roseville is convinced there are more benefits to realize through virtualization beyond servers.  Today, data center services offered through the cloud boast similar benefits realized with in-house server virtualization.  We have already begun exploring these possibilities and are proactively seeking to continue reaping the benefits of virtualization. 

Enterprise Asset Management

The City of Roseville owns, operates and maintains assets valued at over $2 billion.  These assets are managed by Environmental Utilities, Electric, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and Central Services and constitute a variety of asset types including utility infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, parks and traffic signals.  The City is responsible for the planning, design, procurement, installation, maintenance and retirement of these assets.  The processes and systems used to accomplish these tasks are known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

The City is currently implementing Phase 3 of the EAM project with IBM, Inc. When completed in 2015, this solution will consolidate multiple systems in use by City departments today. The project will also standardize and streamline City business process for Asset Management, Work Order Management and Inventory Management.

Regional CAD RMS

The intent of this project is to identify and implement a CAD/RMS replacement solution that will allow Placer County Sheriffs and Roseville Police/Fire to unify Dispatch and share resources and information.  The Cities of Auburn and Citrus Heights may also join the solution.

The current system performs many of the tasks the two agencies need.  Unfortunately, the system is very outdated and difficult to support.  System downtime is unacceptable.

Ideally the new solution will have the following attributes:

·         Provide data sharing and unified Computer Aided Dispatch for all project agencies. 

·         Host separate systems for Roseville and Placer for disaster recovery and improved system management/accountability. 

·         Include a 3rd party CAD to CAD integration component to link the Roseville and Placer systems – and other neighboring systems in the region.

·         Built with modern programming tools to improve reliability and ease of upgrade.

·         Avoid a customized solution that makes standard system upgrades difficult.

The CAD system drives how a lot of work is done within Public Safety.  There is the expectation that many business functions will need to adapt their functions to the desired solution.  For that reason, the selection process will include many cross-functional teams.


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