Oversight Board

The oversight board is comprised of representatives of the local agencies that serve the former City of Roseville Redevelopment Agency (RDA) project area: the city, county, special districts, and K-14 educational agencies.

Oversight board members have a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations, as well as to the local agencies that would benefit from property tax distributions from the former redevelopment project area.

Oversight Board Members

Oversight Board Members
The Oversight Board is made up of the following seven members:

  1. John Allard - Chair (Bonnie Gore - alternate)
    City of Roseville Mayor's Appointee
  2. Mark Wolinski
    Mayor's Appointee (representing former RDA employees)
  3. Roy Hebard
    Newcastle, Rocklin, Gold Hill Cemetery District (largest special district)
  4. Dave Defanti
    Placer County Board of Supervisors Appointee
  5. Martin Fregoso
    Placer County Superintendent of Schools Appointee
  6. Howard Rudd - Vice Chair
    Chancellor of Sierra Community College Appointee
  7. Marcus Lo Duca
    Placer County Board of Supervisors Appointee Member of the Public


Assembly Bill X1 26 (ABX1 26) gives the oversight board authority over the former RDA’s financial affairs. In addition to approving the successor agency’s administrative budget, the oversight board adopts the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) — the central document that identifies the financial obligations of the former RDA that the successor agency may pay over the next six months and subsequent six-month periods. Actions of an oversight board do not go into effect for three business days. During this time, the Department of Finance (DOF) may request a review of the oversight board’s action. The DOF, in turn, has ten days to approve the oversight board’s action or return it to the oversight board for reconsideration.

Oversight Board Meeting Procedures Approved March 26, 2012

Meeting Agendas
Public Comment Sessions
Public Comment Staff Report
Approved Oversight Board Actions

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The end of Redevelopment in California

In June of 2011, responding to a declared state fiscal emergency, the State Legislature enacted two measures intended to stabilize school funding by reducing or eliminating the diversion of property tax revenues (tax increment) from school districts that were going to the state‘s community redevelopment agencies. Assembly Bill 1X 26 (ABX1 26) barred redevelopment agencies from engaging in new business and provided for their windup and dissolution. Assembly Bill 1X 27 (ABX1 27) offered an alternative: redevelopment agencies could continue to operate if the cities and counties that created them agree to make payments into funds benefiting the state‘s schools and special districts.
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Successor Agency Actions & Documents

Oversight Board city contacts

Melissa Hagan
Administrative Analyst
(916) 774-5476

Chris Robles
Economic Development Director
(916) 774-5334

Kelly Wickline
Recording Secretary
(916) 746-1350

Redevelopment Agency

As of February 1, 2012, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Roseville was dissolved by the State of California.

The ongoing responsibilities and obligations are now being handled by the Successor Agency which was designated to be the City of Roseville.

Annual Budget Reports
FY2011-12 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget

Audited Financial Statements
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements
FY2008-09 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements

Annual Reports of Financial Transactions
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report to Board (12/31/2011)
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report
FY2008-09 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report

Plan Area Formation Documents
Report to the City of Roseville City Council - 1989 Redevelopment Plan Report

Five Year Implementation Plan
RDA 5-Year Implementation Plan - FY2009-10 through FY2013

Annual Bond Disclosure Reports
FY2009-10 RDA Bond Disclosure Report
FY2008-09 RDA Bond Disclosure Report