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Position Title:Marketing and Communications Analyst I
Reference Number:17.224
Division:General Staffing
Contact Name:Human Resources
Contact Phone:916-774-5475
Contact Fax:916-774-5350
Position Description:SALARY: $4,212 to $5,927 monthly (26 pay periods annually)

FINAL FILING DATE: We are accepting the first 50 qualified applications or closing at 5 pm, June 7, 2017; whichever occurs first.


The Human Resources Department is accepting applications for the citywide classification of Marketing and Communications Analyst I. The current opening is a limited term, benefitted and full-time position in the City Manager’s Office/Enterprise Resource Project (ERP) Special Project but the list may be utilized to fill future regular and full-time vacancies in the City for the duration of the list. The term length for the current vacancy is not guaranteed but cannot exceed 36 months.

ERP is more than a software system, it allows automated processes essential in running critical financial and Human Resource applications including accounting, payroll and more. It allows the integration of functions within one complete financial system, streamlining processes and information across the organization. The City Manager’s Office is seeking an applicant who possesses strong communication skills and the ability to adapt in a fast paced environment. This position would assist the department in implementing new or modified policies, processes, and programs. The normal work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 –5 pm; a flex schedule may be available.

To perform professional marketing and/or public information duties in support of assigned department and City services and programs; to develop and utilize marketing strategies to inform and promote City programs and activities to customers and the general public; to act as a community and media liaison; to work collaboratively in support of technical program staff; and to provide professional marketing support to assigned management.

This is the entry level class in the Marketing and Communications Analyst series. This class is distinguished from the journey level by the performance of the more routine tasks and duties assigned to positions within this series. Employees at this level are not expected to perform with the same independence of direction and judgment on matters allocated to the journey level. Since this class is typically used as a training class, employees may have only limited or no directly related work experience. Employees work under general supervision while learning job tasks.


• Receives general supervision from assigned management staff.
• May exercise direct supervision over technical, administrative support, and/or part-time personnel.

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES - Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Develop and implement marketing and communication plans and strategies for assigned program areas and projects related to department and City operations, services and programs; foster public awareness of available services and programs.
• Develop and conduct market research and public opinion surveys; analyze customer behavior, usages and trends; evaluate program and modify communication, advertising and outreach methods as necessary.
• Develop and implement a variety of outreach activities and communications methods to educate and inform the public and customers regarding assigned programs in support of department goals; make presentations about programs and related value, benefits and cost savings.
• Work closely with current or prospective customers to encourage continued or new program participation; address customer issues, concerns, and needs and resolve problems.
• Develop customer contact and communications plan to establish point-of-contact relationship; serve as liaison to other City staff and departments relative to customer concerns or needs.
• Schedule and coordinate news conferences, including preparation of news releases and related data and information; develop media relations to facilitate distribution and communication of information about City services and programs.
• Respond to public, radio, television, and print media requests and other electronic media and forums with information about City programs and services as well as unusual circumstances/situations of immediate public interest, including emergency information; prepare, edit and coordinate press releases, media tip sheets, newspaper/magazine articles and related communications.
• Write speeches and develop talking points for City staff and officials regarding programs, services and topics of resident interest; prepare scripts for City cable television programs and host such programs, as assigned.
• Develop and implement a variety of promotional and advertising methods/materials to publicize services, programs, and events; prepare internal and external newsletters including writing, editing, layout, photograph placement, scheduling and coordination of printing and distribution.
• Participate in budget preparation related to program areas; prepare costs estimates for budget recommendations for marketing and advertising; monitor expenditures.
• Evaluate, recommend and implement new or modified policies, processes, or programs in response to customer needs and available new technology; propose methods for development and implementation.
• Design, plan and implement marketing and advertising material; provide training and technical support to staff on marketing, advertising, writing, publicity and communication strategies and policies; participate in or oversee the design, development and publication of outreach and marketing materials.
• Develop and oversee social media policy and sites; work with City departments in developing consistent website content; ensure accurate and current information is available regarding programs and services.
• Test, troubleshoot, and install software; resolve customer account issues; work with third party vendors regarding computer applications and systems.
• Assist in the development to the City’s brand and style guide; recommend and implement changes to the City’s brand; enforce adherence to the City’s brand and style guide; establish department performance standards and methods for marketing and communication activities; oversee internet and intranet site regarding program activity content and users.
• Plan, coordinate and implement community celebration events and recognition events for City staff and community members/groups.
• Compose and prepare letters, brochures, and articles; submit articles and photographs to a variety of specialty publications; maintain files of newspaper articles and clippings on City activities and promotional programs.
• Serve on a variety of City committees; assist City staff in the development of publications, promotional materials, and oral presentations as requested; attend meetings and make presentations to City Council, staff, and other organizations.
• Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise and review the work of assigned personnel related to program activities.
• Research, compile, and prepare reports as required; make presentations to commissions, community groups and outside agencies.
• Answer questions and provide information to the public; investigate complaints related to program areas of assignment and recommend corrective action as necessary to resolve complaints.
• Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other City employees and the public using principles of good customer service.
• Perform related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

• Principles and practices of marketing, advertising, public relations, market research and analysis, printing and publishing.
• Basic principles and methods as it pertains to social media tools and internal and citizen-to-government communication.
• Practices and methods of developing and coordinating programs for customer services.
• English usage, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
• Graphic design principles; web design and editing.
• Modern office equipment, including personal computer programs for word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop, audio/visual presentation, design and communications, digital photography and graphic/visual preparation and editing functions.
• Effective presentation methods.
• Basic budget preparation and monitoring.

Ability to:

• Perform professional marketing and/or public information duties to promote and market assigned department and City services and programs.
• On a continuous basis, know and understand all aspects of the job. Intermittently analyze work papers, reports and special projects; identify and interpret technical and numerical information; observe and problem solve operational and technical policy and procedures.
• On a continuous basis, sit at desk for long periods of time. Intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone, and write or use a keyboard to communicate through written means; and lift or carry weight of 10 pounds or less.
• Learn pricing, rates, rate trends, and technical features of assigned department operations.
• Conduct market research and analysis.
• Make public presentations.
• Learn City organization, services, and programs.
• Interpret and explain pertinent department and City policies and procedures.
• Use personal computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, and databases.
• Prepare a variety of reports and maintain accurate records and files.
• Supervise, train and evaluate assigned technical and administrative support personnel.
• Attend evening or weekend meetings as required.
• Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Experience and Training


No professional experience is required.


Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in marketing, communications, graphic design, public relations, advertising, business administration, journalism, public administration or a related field.

License or Certificate

Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California driver’s license.


1. Your response to question 2, the applicant’s experience, will be scored using a pre-determined formula. Your responses to this question must be consistent with your employment application information. This experience must also be described in the “Work Experience" section of this application. Responses to the supplemental questionnaire that are inconsistent from your “Work Experience” section in the application will not be scored. I understand and agree with the above instructions.


2. Do you have any Enterprise Resource Project (ERP) experience? If you have ERP experience please provide the name(s) of the employers and the number of years you worked there. If you don’t have any experience please mark NA.

3. As part of the ERP implementation team, your role will involve engaging at all levels of the organization, speaking in large forums and effectively communicating change and its impacts. Give 3 examples of how you will collaborate and be successful in delivering this message.

4. How comfortable are you with creating, modifying training content, internal/external newsletters including writing, editing, and layout? This includes printing, distribution and delivery. Give a few examples where you may have done this work.

5. Have you assisted departments in implementing new or modified policies, processes and programs, if yes, please provide 2 examples of how you accomplished the development and delivery of the new policies, processes, and programs.

6. What experience do you have in delivering training content to large audiences? How did you approach this task?

7. Describe your comfort level using Microsoft or any other software products. Please provide the types of applications used in performing your job duties.

8. List your relevant education, training, and certificates, including dates.

9. In what fields do you have experience? (Select all that apply)

Business Administration
Graphic Design
Public Administration
Public Relations
I don’t have any experience

10. Describe your background in graphic design (education and experience). In your answer describe your experience in designing and producing electronic and printed publications and list the software you regularly use to produce these publications.

11. What graphic design software are you familiar with? Give examples of the type of designs you have created and what made them effective?

12. Please provide an internet link to your portfolio. If you do not have a portfolio please answer “N/A.”

13. Describe your experience with maintaining and monitoring websites and social media platforms. Please provide links to at least three web and social media sites identified in your answer. Describe the outcome of these mediums to reach your goals. Describe ways you would use them in your position in the environmental utilities department.

14. You may be responsible for developing and coordinating special events, workshops and outreach booths ranging from the events that attract thousands of participants to workshops on technical issues attracting a dozen people. Please describe your experience coordinating these types of events and things you’ve done to keep annual events fresh and appealing.

All candidates meeting the minimum qualifications will have their Supplemental Questionnaire scored in the Formula Rate Examination. Based upon responses to the supplemental application questions 1-2, the applicant’s responses will be evaluated using a pre-determined formula. Scores from this evaluation will determine applicant ranking and placement on the Employment List. Supplemental questions 3-14 will be utilized by the department hiring authority to make interview and selection determinations. Please note that applicants who are placed in a reachable rank (typically 1-5) will be required to submit a Criminal Conviction Questionnaire sent via e-mail. Failure to respond to this questionnaire within (5) five calendar days of the e-mail notification will result in your application not being forwarded to the hiring department for further consideration. Final appointment is contingent upon a check of past employment references, passing a City-paid pre-employment medical exam, a drug and alcohol screening test, and a fingerprint check.

Job Status:Regular / Benefitted, Salary
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