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Position Title:Energy Services Account Representative II
Reference Number:17.219
Division:General Staffing
Contact Name:Human Resources
Contact Phone:916-774-5475
Contact Fax:916-774-5350
Position Description:SALARY: $7,504 to $10,056 monthly (26 pay periods annually)

FINAL FILING DATE: We are accepting the first 50 qualified applications or closing at 5 pm, June 7, 2017; whichever occurs first.



The Human Resources Department is accepting applications for the regular and full-time position of Energy Services Account Representative II in the Electric Department. The normal work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:00 am –5:00 pm; a flex schedule may be available.

The City of Roseville promotes a no smoking atmosphere.


To perform professional analytical work in the development and implementation of energy efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and demand-side resource management programs for residents and businesses within the City; to research, develop and implement marketing strategies designed to promote such programs and encourage new and continuing customer participation; and to receive and respond to customer questions related to such programs.


This is the journey level class within the Energy Services Account Representative series and is distinguished from the I level by the assignment of the full range of duties. Employees at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new, unusual or unique situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the I level.


• Receives direction from the Retail Electric Services Supervisor.
• May exercise direct supervision over administrative support staff.

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES - Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Research, develop, implement, and manage various energy efficiency and conservation programs for residential, large and small retail commercial electric utility customers, tenant improvements, new residential construction, and retro-fit projects; update and modify existing programs to make best use of new technology, to respond to customer needs and to reduce electric utility demands and operating costs.
• Work closely with customers, building and business owners, architects, developers, and contractors to determine energy efficiency programs that meet their needs, enhance operations and reduce electric utility payments; assist in identifying and resolving problems and concerns related to energy efficient and environmentally sound installations.
• Design, develop and implement marketing plans and strategies to promote energy efficiency programs, balancing value of program benefits against program operation and marketing costs; determine marketing techniques, such as rebates and renewable energy credits, best suited to promote specific programs.
• Develop, administer and monitor program operation and related marketing budgets.
• Research products to improve electric energy efficiency; review electric industry and various market sectors for best practices; identify new technology and products that are available to customers and meet the demographics of the City.
• Conduct market research including surveys and analysis regarding public opinion about the value of and demand for energy efficiency programs.
• Develop, implement, and maintain the use of photovoltaic systems at City facilities, including design, construction, purchase, and installation phases; ensure adequate maintenance of systems to optimize benefit.
• Develop, manage, and maintain a commercial/industrial voluntary load reduction program for use during energy critical/emergency demand situations.
• Provide short and long-term forecasts regarding power supply demands for use in an integrated resource plan based on current/anticipated rates and customer use information; manage databases to monitor and report related information.
• Make presentations regarding programs; educate and inform customers, developers, contractors, architects, City staff and others about energy efficiency programs and related cost savings; represent the City at events, fairs and other public gatherings; participate in panel discussions to explain programs and describe participation benefits and requirements.
• Receive and review public benefit rebate applications, ensuring products installed meet technical requirements; perform on-site inspections and process for rebate payment.
• Research and review grant opportunities; complete and submit grant application and administer grants; develop and implement programs consistent with grant requirements.
• Maintain awareness of current codes, laws, and regulations and technological developments affecting energy efficiency programs.
• Develop and implement measures to analyze and evaluate program effectiveness and methods of recruitment and enrollment; recommend modifications for process improvements; and prepare related cost/benefit analysis.
• Develop and recommend new and/or modified policies, programs, and services to meet new program marketing opportunities and/or improve service to existing customers.
• Coordinate with City staff in other divisions and departments regarding program operations and to facilitate resolution of customer issues and concerns; interpret customer issues and investigate complaints and recommend corrective action.
• Prepare a variety of technical reports that include supporting statistical data.
• Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other City employees and the public using principles of good customer service.
• Perform related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

• Principles and practices of cost/benefit analysis, including methods of quantitative analysis.
• Principles and practices of electric energy efficiency technologies and related program development and implementation.
• General methods of business decision making.
• Development and implementation of new policies related to customer service operations.
• Principles and practices for marketing services and programs and related communications techniques.
• Basic program and project management, consultant contract administration, and related budget coordination.
• Effective public presentation skills and methods.
• Technical report writing procedures and techniques.
• Modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment including word processing, database and spreadsheet applications.
• Principles and practices of customer service.
• Program development, management and implementation, including budget development, administration, and control.
• Electric energy consumption economics and financial analysis.
• Grant application and administration practices.
• Sophisticated market research techniques and analysis.
• Pertinent local, State, and Federal ordinance, rules and regulations.
• City policies, electric industry standards, and current technology and trends related to energy efficiency and conservation programs.

Ability to:

• Perform professional analytical work in developing, managing, implementing and marketing energy efficiency and conservation programs to a variety of customers.
• On a continuous basis, know and understand all aspects of the job; intermittently analyze work papers, reports and special projects; identify and interpret technical and numerical information; observe and problem solve operational and technical policy and procedures.
• On a continuous basis, sit at desk for long periods of time; intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone, and write or use a keyboard to communicate through written means; and lift or carry weight of 10 pounds or less.
• Learn program development and management skills.
• Learn electric consumption economics and electric utility operating procedures and practices.
• Learn to manage a project from inception to completion.
• Learn to prepare and administer program budgets.
• Learn City policies and procedures and department standards related to customer service energy efficiency programs.
• Learn pertinent local, State, and Federal codes, regulations, and laws.
• Use effective marketing, sales and business retention methods.
• Develop and coordinate new policies and programs for customer service operations.
• Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
• Independently perform professional work in developing, managing, and marketing energy efficiency and conservation programs to a variety of customers.
• Perform complex analysis of and provide recommendations related to programs and existing/potential markets.
• Identify, design and administer programs that result in energy/cost savings for customers and contribute to maintenance of the electric utility’s fixed costs.
• Perform complex calculations related to energy efficiency and to perform energy audits in person or via the internet, as assigned.

Experience and Training


Three years of responsible experience performing duties similar to that of an Energy Services Account Representative I with the City of Roseville (performing professional analytical work in the development and implementation of energy efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and demand-side resource management programs for residents and businesses to research, develop and implement marketing strategies designed to promote such programs and encourage new and continuing customer participation).


Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in marketing, business administration, public administration, engineering or a related field.

License or Certificate

Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California driver’s license.


1. Your responses to questions 2-8, the applicant’s education, training and experience, will be scored using a pre-determined formula. Your responses to these questions must be consistent with your employment application information. This experience must also be described in the “Work Experience" section of this application. Responses to the supplemental questionnaire that are inconsistent from your “Work Experience” section in the application will not be scored. I understand and agree with the above instructions.
2. How many years of experience do you have performing professional analytical work in the development and implementation of energy efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, demand-side resource management programs for residents and businesses and researching, developing and implementing marketing strategies designed to promote such programs?
Less than 3 years
3-4 Years
4-5 Years
5+ Years
3. Are you a Certified Energy Manager (CEM)? If yes, please attach your certification to your application.
4. Describe projects or times when you worked closely with customers to identify their energy needs and how you identified and resolved their questions and concerns.
5. Provide examples of when you researched, developed, implemented, and/or managed energy efficiency and/or distributed energy response programs.
6. Describe your ability to design, develop and implement marketing plans and strategies.
7. Describe your understanding of the electric utility business model.
8. Describe your management approach and experience supervising contractors or staff and leading cross functional teams.

All candidates meeting the minimum qualifications will have their application scored in a Formula Rate Examination. The applicant’s experience and education will be evaluated using a pre-determined formula. Scores from this evaluation will determine applicant ranking and placement on the Employment List. Supplemental questions will be utilized by the department hiring authority to make interview and selection determinations. Please note that applicants who meet minimum qualifications will be required to respond to an online Criminal Conviction Questionnaire sent via e-mail. Failure to respond to this questionnaire within (5) five calendar days of the e-mail notification will result in your application not being considered further. Final appointment is contingent upon a check of past employment references, passing a City-paid fingerprint check and depending on position applied for a pre-employment medical exam and a drug and alcohol screening test.

Job Status:Regular / Benefitted, Salary
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