Burr ... It's going to get cold. How to prevent freeze damage.
News ImageWhile it's a little too early to think about frozen pipes, with the cold front coming in, consider these tips to ensure that your pipes remain in tact. Usually, consecutive cold days can cause issues with freezing pipes, and we don't expect that this week, but getting into the habit now or storing these tips for later can help you all winter long.

Holidays are fast approaching. Keep those sinks fat-free
News ImageThe crisp chill of fall is in the air, and with it comes the desire to cook comfort food. Roasted meats, vegetables and potatoes are fall favorites in many homes. With chicken, roast, and turkey that will soon grace our tables for a holiday feast, comes FOG. No, we’re not referring to the weather again; FOG is the industry term for Fats, Oils and Grease.

Recycled water available for home and business landscaping
News ImageWater is too precious to use just once. That’s why Roseville blazed the trail to develop a “new” water source for a sustainable future. Roseville’s recycled water program, which started in the 1990s with a single commercial customer, has since grown to become an important and safe resource. Now, residents and businesses looking for ways to keep their landscapes healthy – especially high-valued trees – can now take advantage of recycled water.

10-Week Gardening Series Starts January 14
News ImageWe’re trying to save water while keeping our landscapes beautiful, and working together we can do it! Starting this January we host a 10-Week Green Gardening at Home Series. Both budding and experienced gardeners will learn ways to meet, and potentially exceed, their goals in reduced water use.

October water savings: 35.48 percent
News ImageWay to go, Roseville! We reduced water use in October by 35.48 percent over this time two years ago. Continued savings still necessary to meet ongoing drought conditions and statewide water reduction targets.

Proposed rate structure, increase for Roseville water customers
News ImageIn an effort to maintain financial stability and continue to deliver clean and plentiful water to Roseville water customers, Environmental Utilities is proposing changes to the water utility rate structure and is recommending a two-year rate increase. The proposal includes a change from tiered to uniform rates, increases in consumption rates to meet rising expenses, and the elimination of the 15 percent water shortage surcharge that took effect in June 2014. Roseville City Council will consider this proposal at its December 16 council meeting.

Feedback wanted as Roseville develops new utility billing system
News ImageWe’re in process of revamping our customer information system used for utility billing services. This multi-year project started last year and is set to go live next fall. We’re excited about the new change because it means improved services for you, the customer.

Five water saving things you can do this fall and winter
News ImageHere are five things you can do as we work our way through fall and as winter months approach.

Fall front yard leaf pickup service is here!
News ImageRoseville’s popular Fall Front Yard Leaf Pickup Program is underway through mid-January 2016, weather permitting.

Our dual-strategy residential program keeps fallen front yard leaves and debris from clogging stormwater drains and washing into our creeks and streams, disturbing the sensitive ecological balance and threatening plants and wildlife.

Outdoor irrigation time change starting October 5
News ImageStarting October 5, watering times for Roseville water customers will change to one-day-per-week (drip irrigation is excluded).

In May, the City of Roseville increased its drought stage to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) aimed at reducing statewide water use for all California water agencies.

Community meetings planned for proposed water rate restructure, increase
News ImageThe City of Roseville Environmental Utilities is holding two community meetings in October to update customers on proposed changes to the water utility rate structure and proposed rate increase.

Senior engineer by day. Humanitarian always.
News ImageBy day, George Hanson is a senior engineer in Environmental Utilities and currently serving as project manager on a multimillion dollar expansion of the Pleasant Grove Waste Water Treatment plant.

Economic prosperity during a drought
News ImageRoseville is a progressive city, focused on providing services to our community for a smart, sustainable future. Part of that future includes recent gains in economic development as our economy recovers from the Great Recession-- all the while facing an unprecedented fourth year of drought. A telltale sign of economic recovery is increased commercial and housing growth, not only in Roseville, but throughout the greater Sacramento region and statewide. As the stress on the ongoing drought wears on, customers and stakeholders ask us: “Why do you continue to build when there is a water shortage or drought?”

City continues to provide water to Linda Creek
Despite the fourth year of a drought, the City continues to release potable water to both Linda Creek and Tree Lake Village. Last Wednesday, Environmental Utilities Director, Rich Plecker, provided an update on situation at the City Council meeting on August 19.

Roseville’s groundwater wells receive project of the year award
News ImageJust over a week ago, the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Sacramento Chapter gave the Project of the Year award for EU’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells at Hayden Parkway and Blue Oaks in the western portion of the city.

This project, completed earlier this year, is part of the city’s long term strategy to bolster water supply reliability while also protecting groundwater resources.

Why our wastewater system is requiring more maintenance
News ImageOne of the most important things we do is manage and maintain the city’s sewer system so that you never have to think about it. It’s our job to make sure that the system operates without a hitch.

Changing your car’s motor oil just got easier
News ImageAfter a do-it-yourself motor oil change, what do you do with the used oil and filter?

Reduce household clutter: Free community e-waste and paper shredding drop-off
News ImageA prime opportunity to clear away space in your garage and office is coming soon. The Utility Exploration Center is hosting a free drop-off event on September 12 at the Maidu Community Center where you can recycle e-waste devices or shred secure documents without getting out of your car.

Drought update: How we're doing
News ImageAs you might have seen or heard, Folsom Lake is dropping quickly. By the end of September, it will likely hold about 10 million gallons less than it held at its lowest point last winter.

Mosquitoes and the Drought
News ImageWith California’s current historical drought, there are many misconceptions floating around about how residents should store water and handle pools and fountains to contribute positively to the current state of emergency. The reality is many factors need to be taken into consideration, especially public health risks.

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