Protect Yourself Against Utility Payment Scams
News ImageAs your community-owned utility provider, one of our top priorities is to keep your personal and financial information safe from scams and fraudulent activity. We follow procedures that regulate how we communicate with you, take payments and manage delinquent accounts, including the following...

Medication Take Back Day on Saturday, April 26 - locations in Roseville
News ImageThe City of Roseville, in collaboration with area law enforcement agencies, utilities and schools, is hosting several Roseville locations for a one-day free drop-off of unwanted or expired medications. The event is sponsored by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and provides a safe and convenient way to properly dispose of these medication.

Roseville announces mandatory 20 percent water use reduction due to persistent drought conditions
News ImageDue to persistent drought conditions, the City of Roseville has announced mandatory water use restrictions of 20 percent for its residential and commercial water customers effective immediately.

The water use reductions also require commercial water customers to reduce their outdoor irrigation by 30 percent, bans the washing of cars without a water nozzle or without going to a commercial car wash, prohibits washing of hardscape surfaces unless for health and safety purposes, and prohibits water waste.

“Although our recent storms were welcome, we are still in a drought and the coming months may prove to be challenging with the record low precipitation and snow pack that we have received,” said Ed Kriz, Environmental Utilities Director.

Groundwater Wells Turned Off
Due to increased precipitation in recent weeks, the City of Roseville has turned off its groundwater wells. They will remain off until further notice.

"Balancing the water supplies we have available from these latest storms against the cost to operate the groundwater wells, we feel we can suspend the use of the wells for now," said Roseville Environmental Utilities Director Ed Kriz.

Saving Water in Your Yard and Home
News ImageAs a community we are facing one of the driest years on record. The water level of Folsom Lake, Roseville's primary water supply source, is at a historic low. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a statewide drought emergency.

To help Roseville achieve sustainability in the upcoming months we are asking our community to voluntarily reduce residential and commercial water use by 20 percent.

Our customers efforts to conserve during these dry times is critical in helping us maintain our already low water supply. Most residents and businesses receive their water from the City of Roseville and the customer links below relate to City water customers. Some Roseville residents in Stoneridge and in a small area north of Stanford Ranch Road and east of Highway 65 receive their water from the Placer County Water Agency, some Roseville residents east of Sierra College Boulevard receive water from San Juan Water District, and some Roseville residents on the border of Citrus Heights receive water from the Citrus Heights Water District. For those customers, please contact those agencies with questions related to your home or business water usage and water-conservation programs they offer to customers.

Here's what you can do to save water.

More information on automated phone message from the City of Roseville on back-up groundwater well activation
Customers served water by the City of Roseville have received an automated phone message from a regional mass-notification system with the caller ID (999) 999-9999 either Thursday, January 23 or Friday, January 24 with notification of groundwater well activation.

When you receive a call, answer it and once you’ve heard the message, press 1 to acknowledge receipt of the call. This will ensure you are not called repeatedly.

If you would like to report problems with the mass-notification system, please email and describe the issue and the phone number involved.

Water Supply Update - January 8, 2014
Watch the water supply update presentation from the January 8, 2014 City Council meeting by Environmental Utilities Director Ed Kriz.

Roseville residents and businesses asked to voluntarily reduce water use by 20 percent due to dry conditions
News ImageThe City of Roseville is calling for a voluntary 20 percent reduction in water use by its residents and businesses. The call for the voluntary water use reduction comes during an unprecedented period of dry conditions that have significantly depleted the water available from Folsom Reservoir, Roseville's main water supply.

To help with the voluntary 20 percent water use reduction, the City of Roseville is offering these water efficiency tips:

1. Residents and businesses should monitor water use on their utility bill. An easy way to do this is to sign up for the city’s Water Insight online program at

2. Reduce irrigation – shut off outdoor irrigation and only water if landscape becomes stressed.

2014 Green Waste Pick-Up Calendar in mail boxes soon
News ImageThe 2014 Green Waste Pick-Up Calendar will arrive in Roseville residential mailboxes soon in your November 2013 utility bill. An electronic version of the 2014 Green Waste Pick-Up Calendar can also be accessed by clicking here.

State’s water plans raise concern for Roseville
News ImageEditorial by Mayor Susan Rohan

The State of California is currently developing the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) with the goals of providing a more reliable water supply for southern California and restoring the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. As a longtime member of this community, I am deeply concerned that this plan, as it currently exists, totally ignores severe threats to northern California and Roseville's long-term water supply reliability and here’s why.

The BDCP’s modeling projections show that continuing sea level rise and increasing statewide water demands in the coming years are likely to draw Folsom Reservoir to such low levels in the driest years that Roseville might not be able to meet its water needs. However, the existing and long term water needs of areas served by Folsom Reservoir, including Roseville, have largely been ignored in the BDCP.

Check your sprinklers. Save water and money!
News ImageWith, recent snow surveys pointing to drier conditions, the City of Roseville is urging residents to check their sprinklers each month for water-wasting problems and make repairs within 48 hours.

The City of Roseville recommends that residents designate a day each month to check their sprinklers. See how.

New Drive up Utility Bill Payment Box
News ImageA second utility bill payment box has been added in downtown Roseville. The box is across Vernon Street from the Civic Center, in the parking lot next to 316 Vernon Street.

The placement of the new payment box allows residents to drop off their utility payment from their vehicle. It will remain at this location during the town square construction period.

There is also a payment box outside the entrance doors to the Civic Center at 311 Vernon Street.

Placer County’s Materials Recovery Facility featured on KVIE’s Rob on the Road show.
The Materials Recovery Facility, where the material from your One Big Bin, is processed, was recently featured on KVIE's Rob on the Road show. See how recycling happens in Roseville. Watch.

New retail locations for recycling of paint now available in Roseville
News ImageRecycling your leftover paint in California just got much more convenient! Friday, October 19, 2012, marked the first day of California's Paint Stewardship Program, kicking off with 335 retail collection sites, representing almost half of the statewide goal of 750 permanent collection sites in the state approved Paint Stewardship Plan.

PaintCare is the non-profit stewardship organization set-up by the paint producers who will design and operate the collection program.

To find a location in Roseville....

See someone taking recyclables from a city recycling bin? Report it. It is a crime.
News ImageRecently, the City of Roseville has seen an increase in recyclable materials being stolen from city recycle bins located at collection points in Roseville. Recyclables collected at these recycle sites generate revenue that helps cover collection and disposal costs; which ultimately helps keep your utility rates low. Stealing recyclables from these bins is against the law and ultimately impacts you, our customers.

Un Cajón de Reciclar Grande. Recogido. Separado. Reciclado.
¿Ha pensado cómo recicla Roseville? ¡Es fácil! Heche sus reciclajes en su bote de basura regular.

Stay connected with Roseville's utilities on Facebook
News ImageEnvironmental Utilities and Roseville Electric, the providers of electric, water, wastewater and solid waste utility services to Roseville's residents and businesses, recently launched a Facebook page to help customers stay connected. The page includes service updates, free money-saving programs, rebates and other helpful information that can save you time and money. Click this story and 'Like Us'.

Don't Dump That Down The Kitchen Sink Drain!
News ImageWait! Don’t dump your cooking grease or fat down the drain. We’ll tell you ways to dispose of fats, oils and greases that is both easy and friendly to the environment, the City’s work crews, and on the City’s sewer pipes…. check out this informative streaming video for more information.

EU Today
News ImageEU Today is your connection to the latest issues, tips and information from the City of Roseville's Environmental Utilities Department. This semi-monthly newsletter includes topics such as water conservation, recycling, utility news and tips you can use at home to help the environment. Click here to get connected to EU Today.

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