Federal Department of Energy Stimulus Funds available to Roseville Businesses

Last Updated: 3/16/2010

The City of Roseville was proactive in applying for federal stimulus money to help Roseville business customers to both create new jobs and make cost saving energy efficiency improvements.  

The City of Roseville and Roseville Electric received $1.07 million in economic stimulus funds for specified energy efficiency projects in Roseville. While program details are not available, Roseville is acting quickly to move these dollars to local businesses. 

Of the funds, $920,000 will go directly to small business improvements as energy efficiency rebates for specific programs.  The rebates are available, but not limited to, small offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and motels.

The remaining funds will be used to install an LED (light emitting diode) street lighting pilot project to test new low cost lighting technology and how it can be used in the City.  Finally, we will complete an energy audit on City of Roseville facilities to identify future energy efficiency projects that will save on energy costs.

Program details will be available shortly. Refer back to www.roseville.ca.us/recovery for the latest on Roseville's support of the federal recovery initiative.

Contact Mark Riffey at (916) 746-1667 for more information on energy efficiency for small businesses. 

Track the money on Recovery.gov