Campaign and Election Signs

Last Updated: 5/20/2014

The Roseville Municipal Code outlines requirements for temporary noncommercial signs, as well as enforcement of the Ordinance.  By definition, an election sign is a type of noncommercial sign.

The City’s sign ordinance governs the placement of temporary noncommercial signs on both public and private property within the City.  Enforcement of the sign ordinance is provided by the City’s Code Enforcement Division.

The Roseville Municipal Code provides as follows:

1.     Temporary noncommercial signs are exempt from the fee, permit and sticker provisions of the municipal code.

2.     Generally, no sign shall exceed six (6) square feet and no more than six (6) square feet of sign shall be maintained at any time on a single parcel or lot.

3.     These size requirements increase during an election season.  Ninety (90) days prior to and ten (10) days following an election, no more than an aggregate total of 128 square feet of temporary noncommercial signs may be maintained at any one time on a single parcel or lot, provided that each individual sign shall not exceed six (6) square feet.

4.     Temporary noncommercial signs may not be placed on public property or within any public right-of-way at any time.

5.     Temporary noncommercial signs may not be placed on private property without the permission of the property owner or tenant.

6.     Subject to these requirements, temporary noncommercial signs may be displayed at any time without regard to the date of an election. 

City employees are authorized to remove signs placed on public property or within the public right-of-way. 

Once a sign has been removed by the City, it may be retrieved upon the payment of an administrative fine of $10 for each sign smaller than nine (9) square feet and $20 for each larger sign.  In lieu of paying an administrative fine, a person may retrieve a sign upon signing an administrative citation.  Administrative citations may be appealed to the City’s Board of Appeals prior to the payment of any administrative fines.  A sign that has been removed by the City may be considered abandoned if it is not retrieved within fifteen (15) calendar days after the date of such removal, and may be disposed of by the City without liability.

For potential violations, the most effective way for staff to address the issue is to contact our complaint hotline at 774-5501.  Staff checks this line multiple times throughout the day.