We want your best business advice!

Last Updated: 10/17/2012

Roseville is known for its strong business community.  Not only because we are home to many successful businesses and talented business people, but because we support each other.  Share your best business advice and help strengthen our business community even further!

Maybe you've always followed a "top five" list of marketing rules with great success or maybe a specific incident taught you an important lesson you'll never forget.  The advice can be very specific.  For example, the New York Times recently ran a great article "The Top 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do".    Or, maybe the advice would work for a variety of business types.

Advice will be posted on the City's economic development website to share with other businesses.  If you submit advice, we will include your name and title, your company name and a link to your website if you choose.  Please make sure the advice is original, not previously published and based on your own business experience.    Also, succint is good.  Top five or top ten lists and short stories are great!  To submit your best business advice, contact the Office of  Economic Development at 916-774-5362.