Your Energy Use is Available with the Click of a Mouse

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

Your computer is now the gateway to managing your household power use. 

To help our customers understand how to reduce electricity use, Roseville Electric launched a series of online tools providing you with secure access to your information anytime of the day or night.  

With these tools you can monitor more than a year’s worth of your home electricity use as well as receive customized information on how to lower power use by identifying the most cost effective ways to achieve those savings.  

If your report suggests replacing your 15 year-old refrigerator, you’ll have online access to local and federal rebates that help make the cost of an ENERGY STAR® rated appliance or other suggested appliances more affordable.  

Many of our rebates are available online making it easier to cash in on appliances that save you energy and money.  

Our new online household energy management tools along with online bill pay help you and manage your energy when it’s convenient for you.   Visit to save energy and save money.