Roseville Fire Department Practices Technical Rescue Techniques

Last Updated: 5/13/2011

Each year the Roseville Fire Department hosts a 7-day class for advanced rescue techniques where firefighters from all over the state can come to learn and practice new skills.

Although most firefighters receive some basic training in rope rescue, this class is far from basic! The students practice climbing electrical transmission towers to rescue a trapped worker. They lower an injured worker from high places like the Foresthill bridge or a cooling tower at the Roseville energy plant.

All these various forms of rescue require a lot of technical equipment and a lot of hours practicing the skills. One mistake could cost the life of both the victim and the firefighters.

The Roseville Fire Department has trained about 20 of it's personnel in these advanced skills. Through cooperative agreements, the Roseville Fire rescue team offers it's assistance to other jurisdictions that do not have this advanced level of training.

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