See someone taking recyclables from a city recycling bin? Report it. It is a crime.

Last Updated: 6/14/2011

Recently, the City of Roseville has seen an increase in recyclable materialsbeing stolen from city recycle bins located at collection points in Roseville.  Recyclablescollected at these recycle sites generate revenue that helps cover collectionand disposal costs; which ultimately helps keep your utility rates low. Stealing recyclables from these bins is against the law and ultimately impacts you,our customers.

Help us keep thieves from stealingthis recyclable material.  If you see someone taking material from city recyclebins call Roseville Police dispatch at 786-6444.  If in progress, you can call911.  Don't confront the individuals; just note the descriptions of the peopleinvolved, vehicle license numbers, the location of the incident and thedirection of travel.

Your vigilance will help us keepthieves from stealing this recyclable material.