Past Exhibit: Sing Me Your Story, Dance Me Home - Art & Poety from Native California

Last Updated: 12/23/2011

Past Exhibit: "Sing Me Your Story, Dance Me Home" exhibition showcased from April through August, 2010.

This multi-media exhibition was based on work created for the book, The Dirt Is Red Here, showcasing California Indian stories, songs and dances in the form of poetry, paintings, baskets, photographs, and sculpture.

Sing Me Your Story, Dance Me Home exhibition included more than 40 artworks by 22 contemporary Native California artists and is a celebration of the cultural wealth and artistic creativity of the contemporary California Indian community.

Over 7,500 people enjoyed and benefited from the art, poetry and cultural knowledge presented in the exhibit. 

Lyn Risling's "Asiktavanthukirar Tu'ipak, Tattoo Woman Returns."
acrylic on paper board
30" x 32”
Lyn Risling commemorates the return of the tattoo for California Native women in Tattoo Woman Returns (Asiktavanthukirar Tu'ipak). In early times, Karuk, Yurok, Tolowa, Hupa and Wiyot women wore tattoos on their chins in a pattern of three bars called "One-Elevens." Historically, the woman's tattoo, often done at puberty and after marriage, symbolized beauty, strength, and social status.

More recently, Native women and men of California are getting traditional tattoos as a means of strengthening their bond and commitment to cultural tradition. Along with this development, there has been much collaboration between Native peoples, such as California Native peoples, Native Hawaiians, and the Maori peoples of New Zealand, to learn and exchange indigenous tattoo traditions. The return of tattoo (Thukin) to Native women quietly reaffirms indigenous feminine beauty held within cultural tradition.

Dugan Aguilar's "Chawse Roundhouse."
black-and-white photo collage
16 x 20 inches
Dugan Aguilar’s “Chawse Roundhouse” documents Northern California ceremonial life. The collage represents the intimate space created by the singer and dancers as they prepare to enter the ceremonial roundhouse.

The City of Roseville and Maidu Museum thank our exhibit sponsors for their support!
Native Cultures Fund - Humboldt Area Foundation
PlacerArts - the Arts Council of Placer County
CERA - California Exhibition Resources Alliance