CIO - IT Communication (August)

August 23, 2011

Last Updated: 2/27/2013

Good Evening,

It is hard to believe that we are closing August in the next few days. The last time we communicated using this format was in April and we were talking about Information Security, Open House, Management Studies and New Fiscal Year Budget. Since then, we have noticed many successes and with the closing of the fiscal year, we will talk about appreciation for specific individual(s) and the entire team.

Significant Achievements
Congratulations to Rosaland for receiving the Pride of Roseville award for Outstanding Work Performance this past Wednesday. Rosaland was recognized by her customers for outstanding contributions to Phase 1 of the EAM project.

Special appreciation goes toward the 2nd Quarter IT Award Team Member - Carrie, and the RFC team, for simplifying the Request for Change process. The relaunch of the RFC standard operating procedure has started to spread throughout the department.

Bank of America, Visa and MasterCard had all retracted their PCI requirement for an onsite forensic investigation related to the virus incident in February. Bank of America has closed the investigation of this incident. However, we now have an annual deadline of October 14th to present to the Bank of America that we will be PCI Compliance from this point forward. Thanks to the team for the quick and comprehensive response to this incident, and the continuous effort in securing the critical assets, personal information and credit card datasets.

FY2011/12 Projects
Thank you to the entire team for helping us propose to City Council a balanced budget that also maintains existing service levels with no layoffs or furloughs. In fact, Curtis is back!!

This fiscal year budget highlights several important technology projects, including the following:
• Citywide Technology Infrastructure, Staffing and Security Compliance Analysis – Planning
• Citywide Strategic Technology Plan – Planning
• Public Safety System Replacement (CAD/RMS) – Public Safety
• Complete SAN/Virtual Servers Replacement – Data Center
• Microsoft Exchange Upgrade – Data Center / Network
• Citywide Information Security System Enhancement (Training, Firewall, SIEM) – Network
• Business Permits Application Upgrade – Business Application
• Business Process Review for the Customer Information Systems – Business Application
• Windows 7 Deployment (with PC replacements) – Service Desk
• NIST / ITIL Standards Deployment – All

I would like to thank all of you for your commitment to put these projects forward to partner with the citywide departments in achieving the goals of this organization. As we look forward in the next ten months, we will continue to work toward creating “one city” that is “open for business”. We will help one another by focusing on building a stable technology infrastructure, focusing on customer service and developing strategic partnerships with other city departments.

IT Management Team:
Mike Sinor, Art Vogtlin, Duke Arakaki, Tom Pelster, Scott Adrian, Gaston De Ferrari, Hong Sae, Sally Streicher
(This communication message is designed to keep you informed of events, activities and news that affect the IT department and the City; we welcome your feedback, comments or ideas)

Thank you

Hong Sae (Sae)
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Department