CIO - IT Communication (IT Positions & Resources - Ready To Make Things Happen)

August 17, 2012

Last Updated: 10/29/2013

Classification Study:

As you are aware, the Classification Study was concluded with final approval on the August 15th's Council Meeting and you may begin using the new title on your email signature. The City and the IT Department have grown over the past few years and our job duties and responsibilities have changed significantly, therefore the classification plan includes both title changes, job description updates and some cases – salary implications. Excellent work from the HR Team in completing the final phases of this project which include classification review, study, interview, verification, and compensation relationship assessment; and these allow the City to utilize the end-results of the study for improved hiring and moving forward with the promotional opportunities.

IT-Divisional Manager:

The position of IT-Divisional Manager (Working title: Asst IT Director) will be the first promotional opportunity to become available. Mike Sinor is in the current acting position and the primary responsibility of the position is to lead, plan, organize, direct and coordinate the activities of Service Desk, Business Applications and Public Safety Technology Divisions.

Business Systems Analysts:

We are excited to announce the promotion of Wendy Crosthwaite to the Public Safety Technology division. Wendy joined the City six years ago and has held positions in many divisions within the department. She brings a wealth of planning experience to her new role and we are excited about her representing IT within the public safety departments. Please join us in congratulating Wendy on her promotion.

Two other Business Systems Analysts were also offered and accepted the positions. Both of them bring advanced business applications experience from different industries, which will be invaluable in meeting the City goals and objectives. The name of the new additions will be announced after all relevant background check processes are completed. I am confident that all three new additions will be a strong asset in sharing program and applications support among the Public Safety and Business Applications Team.

I would like to thank the team members who participated in the selection and interview process, and their efforts are deeply appreciated.

IT Operational Technicians:

There are two new temporary part-time job openings for Service Desk support in the Corp Yard and the Public Safety locations. The announcement will be coming in the next few days and the duties of the new team members will include taking up the responsibility of EAM and public safety 1st level technical support. All inquiries regarding these two temporary positions should be directed to Mike Sinor.

EAM / Utility Support through Temporary Help Services:

The City is expanding the role of utilizing temporary help services, and one EAM Business Systems Analyst will be onboard in the next few weeks and another GIS Business Systems Analyst will be interviewed in the near term from the contracting vacancy that was closed on 8/16/2012. This program will allow the City to fill short term gaps and fulfill business needs.

Internship / Volunteer:

The two new interns from Heald College - Mark Pistole and Oliver Managbanag, are performing work such as basic technical support, system troubleshooting and network documentation. As part of the IT-Strategic Resource Planning Roadmap / People Planning Process (please see attached), this program offers the opportunity for student intern or community service volunteer to obtain practical computing experience, as well as understanding the role of the civil servants & giving back to the community of City of Roseville. I encourage each of you to introduce yourself when you see some of these interns and volunteers around the department, and challenge your team to become much more involved in these activities.

As you have heard in our most recent Team Meeting with the City Manager-Ray Kerridge and Assistant City Manager-John Sprague, the City of Roseville is creating a positive environment for community investment and economic growth - and hopefully with these new team members addition, we are "Ready to Make Things Happen".