Changes to Electric Utility Customer Bills Coming in July

The Roseville City Council adopted Roseville Electric’s recommendation to increase electric rates by two percent this July and two percent in July, 2014 to meet state mandates related to energy purchases. 

“If it weren’t for the state renewable energy requirements, Roseville Electric would not need a rate increase,” said Michelle Bertolino, Roseville Electric’s utility director at a February Public Utilities Commission meeting.

Senate Bill X1-2 requires all California electric utilities to provide at least 33 percent of their energy from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal.  The law has incremental milestones for renewable energy purchases with the mandate that utilities will reach the 33 percent goal by 2020. This state requirement is costing Roseville Electric an additional $9 million annually.

Residential customers can expect to see monthly bill increases of up to $3. To mitigate that increase, customers can:
• Replace two 65 watt incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.  Estimated savings of $2.19/month
• Set the thermostat up one degree in the summer. Estimated savings of $2.70/month
• Turn off and unplug unused appliances and lights.  Estimated savings of $2.70/month
• Reduce operating time for your pool filter by two hours.  Estimated savings of $2.70/month
• Recycle the spare refrigerator in your garage.  Estimated savings of $20.25/month

For information on the rate adjustment visit, and for ways to lower your monthly bill, visit or call (916) 79-POWER (797-6937).