We Provide More than Power

Last Updated: 7/14/2015

As your community owned electric utility provider, we provide much more than power. We take pride knowing that Roseville Electric enhances the outstanding civic amenities we all enjoy.

The City of Roseville's Charter states that Roseville Electric will provide up to 4 percent of its revenues to support police, fire, parks and recreation. This year, Roseville Electric transferred $6 million dollars to help keep our community safe, and enhance our parks and libraries.

Additionally, Roseville Electric’s reliability is recognized as being among the best in the nation.  This year’s data shows our customers might experience an outage once every 10 years! This is an improvement over last year’s remarkable achievements.

Of the outages experienced last year, a significant number of those occurred because a vehicle hit a power pole or other utility equipment.

So, next time you see a police car or fire truck, enjoy a swing at the park, check out a book at the library or swim a lap in city pool, know Roseville Electric supports those services for our customers to enjoy. As one of the nation’s most reliable electric utilities – we provide much more than power.