Past Exhibit - "Ancient Times" by Charley Burns

Last Updated: 8/31/2013

“Ancient Times” by Charley Burns
Exhibit Show Dates: July 10 through August 28, 2013 
Charley Burns is a Yurok Indian artist of the Klamath River area. He is an active dancer and singer in his native community and participant in a variety of cultural activities.

“Ancient Times” is a collection of pen and ink drawings showing his love for nature and curiosity for life.


“The old ones, the old things are still with us, still taking care of us. Those beautiful rivers that are fed by creeks. Big majestic redwoods. The sky has not gone anywhere. Let’s think of peace and harmony and pray for it. It’s all around us.”

Charley Burns has a B.A. degree in art from Humboldt State University and is currently living in Sacramento.