Past Exhibit - "Traditional Arts of Jeremy Peconom, Mountain Maidu Artist"

Last Updated: 9/25/2015

“Traditional Arts of Jeremy Peconom, Mountain Maidu Artist"
Exhibit Show Dates: August 6 – January 6 

Jeremy Peconom is a local Mountain Maidu artist who has created an amazing collection of tools, weapons and regalia made in the traditional ways he learned from his father and grandfather. This collection of "primitive art" includes many examples of body armor, helmets, skirts, clubs, arrows, necklaces and cradleboards. He developed his artistic expression of his culture from learning the traditional knowledge passed down to him by his ancestors.

"As a traditional Maidu artist specializing in primitive arts, I try to show the modern relevance of these ancient arts being more important today than ever. In today's modern culture of IPads, smart phones, and instant access to the worldwide web, we often lose touch with the natural world and what it can provide. What were once tools of survival such as flint-knapping, hide tanning, stone and bone work, are now considered to be fine art to many."
"To me the lessons of life and culture handed down to me within the process of these ancient arts are much more valuable than the final products themselves. Through my art I try to share not just the how-to guide, but the deeper meaning and cultural significance of my art and how it relates to our everyday lives."

"I believe that traditional arts are now needed more than ever, and I have made it my mission in life to share with everyone what I was so lucky to have learned from my elders."

Peconom was born in Walnut Creek, CA in 1979. He currently serves on both the Honey Lake Maidu Tribal Council and the Yamane’ Monee Maidu Bear-Dance Council. He has also taken his hereditary role as the Dancer of the Bear, which is now held at Roxie Peconom Campground, named after his great-grandmother Roxie Peconom.