CIO - IT Communication (2013 CA-Legislative Bills)

Last Updated: 10/29/2013

The most recent CA-legislative updates that may have significant impacts to the City are listed below. These business technology bills published on the legislative web pages explain several key reforms on digital protection of personal information, website tracking & monitoring, internet broadband accessibility and enabling of wireless communication services.  Future legislative bills will continue to challenge the State of California a lot further toward a more open, transparent and Internet inclusive society.


  • Privacy/Personal Information Protection – AB 1149 / SB 46

  • Do Not Track Disclosure on Web – AB 370

  • Broadband Expansion / Subsidy – AB 1299 / SB740

  • Shutdown of Wireless Services – SB380


The IT-Management team is working with many City departments such as: Public Affairs & Communications, City Attorney and all others – to further understand its implementation requirements / redefining the bills in the future and streamlining its rollout before Jan 1st/2014.