Parks Needs Assessment Complete

Last Updated: 8/15/2017

We recently completed a Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment to help identify the current and future recreational needs of our residents through a scientific survey, stake holder input and a study of national and regional trends. City Council approved the Needs Assessment at the November 20 Council meeting. 

Summary of Results and Recommendations
• 98% (9 out of 10) respondents in the telephone and online survey are satisfied or better with the parks, facilities and recreation programs

• 95% (9 out of 10) respondents rated park maintenance as “good” to “excellent”

• 42% (4 out of every 10) recreate more than once a week

• 57% of respondents to the online survey indicated physical fitness. health and wellness as a primary reason to recreate

• 58% of respondents indicated a desired recreation facility

Identified Gaps/Needs:
•  A fourth aquatics complex/pool;
• Additional off-leashed dog parks;
• Multi-Use Trails throughout the City;
• A skate track on the west side of the City; and 
• Additional Sports facilities (outdoor – baseball, football, rugby, lacrosse, soccer and indoor – basketball and volleyball)

Download the full report